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    Whether you are looking just for an extra challenge, or are aspiring to go to the Olympics; we have a program for you.

Our staff is fully certified and we offer you more than 100 years in combined experience to assist your child to be the best they can be. No matter how far a child goes in Gymnastics training, they take with them self-discipline, self-esteem, time management, goal setting, and self-respect.

Prior to enrollment, every child is evaluated to assure placement in the appropriate class. This ensures that each class member is working on similar skill level and provides for a positive learning environment for all. Class activities include a structured warm-up, work on the apparatus, dance, routines, and a conditioning and flexibility period at the end of each class. With limited class size we guarantee specialized training in a progressive approach environment. This will ensure many learning opportunities, lots of turns and personal attention.

If you require more information, please ask your coach or check with the office - we will gladly discuss with you the correct placement for your child.

Gym Cat - 6 Years and Up
This is a great category for the child who is looking for a little bit more. This program is designed around fun and fitness, which allows the child to show routines, without being competitive.

Pre-Competitive Programs - 5 Years and Up
This program is designed for athletes who are aspiring to reach higher levels. This is not an advance recreational program, it's primary goal is to meet the needs of the child wishing to be in a competitive program. It is vital for competitive athletes to start their training at an early age. At this level we encourage good basics, and the competitions that these athletes attend are based on fun, fun, and more fun. By the age of 8 they will either remain in Pre 3 - 4 program or they will be moved to Level 1.

Provincial Level 1 to 4 - 8 Years and Up
These athletes will follow the Saskatchewan Provincial program. These athletes will be aspiring to attend Provincial Championships and some will move on to Western Championships. These athletes have a lot of fun with routines and traveling within the Province to competitions.

National Stream - 9 Years and Up
Specialized program for the athlete who is aspiring to be a Canadian National Athlete. Rewards are many, including possible University scholarships.