Al Ritchie Family Wellness Project

Program Hours:

Monday's Preschool Gym- 9:30-11:00

Tuesday's Music and Movement- 9:30-11:00

Wednesday's Family Fun Literacy- 9:30-11:00

Thursday's Cultural Crafts- 9:30-11:00

Friday's- In home parenting courses are available

Drop in time is now Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00-5:00


In 1996, parents from the Regina community Al Ritchie East began asking their Community Association if there was anything that could be done to make the neighbourhood an easier place to raise children.

The area is cut off from the rest of the city by three main artery roads and a ring road that circles Regina. This creates a high level of isolation for the members of the community. Many of the families in the neighbourhood are headed by single parents, with low incomes, and there is a high degree of social isolation in addition to the geographical isolation.

In the winter of 1996-97 the concept of the Al Ritchie Family Wellness Centre was born. The project, now located in a strip mall in the centre of the community, provides many services and programs to assist members of the community. The major funding to operate the program is provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, through the Community Action Plan for Children (CAPC).

The centre has become a hub of community activity. It is a place filled with the noises of children having fun and adults enjoying each other's company and supporting one another. About 20 people come to the Centre each day on average, although some days it can be as high as 40 or 50.

The centre offers the following programs:

Family Fun Reading: a time for parents and children to come together and enjoy the benefits of reading as a family activity

Musical Arts and Movement: Children play, dance and sing and sometimes make musical instruments of their own during this program.

Cultural Crafts: This program grew out of our “Family Craft Time” to address the rising need for diversity and inclusion. In order to create this environment this program explores varying cultures and communities around the world. Not only are the children making a craft but also learning about other people and nations.

Come and Play: This activity is offered every Thursday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 and allows the children to learn through play. The environment is set up into different centres such as housekeeping, cars, blocks, and a tool centre. These centres will help children grow and develop their social skills, fine motor, gross motor, and imaginative play.

Time out for Parents: This activity is offered every Monday morning and gives parents an opportunity to talk about different parenting issues and other factors affecting their families. It also provides parents with an opportunity to develop coping strategies and to develop a wider network of resources and support systems.

Community Kitchens and Family Cooking: The Community Kitchens program brings together participants to construct a meal plan on a budget. The group meets to discuss what kinds of meals they want to make and go through flyers to determine where the food should come from. On the day of the Community Kitchen the participants work together to create meals that they can take home for their families. The Family Cooking program welcomes children into the kitchen to tackle easy to make recipes.

English as a Second Language (ESL): The students may come for coffee and visit with others who are also trying to improve their English speaking skills. Often students attend classes with specific needs to learn written text. Some examples of written text are applications, newspaper articles or driver's examination texts.

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