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Executive Committee 2012 - 2013 season.  

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President: Carol Walters –

Vice-President:  Linda Tidball -

Past President: Carol Ward – 

Secretary:  Shelley Page -

Treasurer: Tom Young -

Assistant Treasurer (Memberships): Lucy Claussen - 

Assistant Treasurer (November Show): Hazel Zaharik -

Assistant Treasurer (May Show): Hazel Zaharik -


Coordinator:  Dianne Strilaeff  

Assistant:  Julie Rich

Show Brochure – Claudette Claereboudt

Postcard and Poster – Catherine O’Byrne  


Coordinator: Cherry Topp -  

Assistant:  Casey Harrison –

Show Brochure – Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

Facilities Coordinator:  Pauline Kuffner –

Workshop Coordinator: Claudette Claereboudt -

Workshop and Retreat Registration: Claudette Claereboudt -

Advertising: Carol Ward –

Board Transportation: Darcy Lawrence & Victory School

Board Set-up and Signs: Dan Allen –

Mailouts: Pauline Kuffner – and Pat Fox – 

TV Appearances and Interview Scheduler: Jan Crook – 

Community Boards Liaison: Sharon Hall Purdy

Guild Library: Pat Styles 789-1998

Archives : Lucy Claussen -

Website Maintenance: Claudette Claereboudt -

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