Brushworks Art Guild of Regina Inc.

Favourite Art Books

This book presents a radically different view of the traditional colour wheel and teaches a deep understanding of how pigments mix in fact. Never have mud again when mixing colours.

         Painters by Apollo Dorian

This book is a student’s notebook of the teaching of Frank Reilly.  A bit hard to follow and no longer in print, but available as an e-book. This is a manual that explains in great depth and use of the Munsell colour wheel system and the colour solid.  This technique marries colour and value in very interesting ways.  

A very good book for basic perspective and on bending space with curvilinear perspective. Not just for comic artists.

A good lesson workbook for learning basic to complex perspective.

A reasonable introduction to human anatomy.

This book is a wealth of information on the human figure and how to draw people. Not just for graphic artist.

Considered a valued resource for understanding all aspects of painting from pigment to canvas. Hard to think if a question this book does not answer. Although a resource for oils, other media are covered including pencil crayon and pastel.

This is a very good tool for both beginner and advanced watercolourist. It describes a large number of techniques and provides step by step examples of different approaches to watercolour by different artists.

An excellent survey of Drawing with a focus on drawing from live models.

This is a remarkable little volume that has one of the best discussions and presentations of the colour solid and an in depth look at value and how to represent shadow.

A long standing textbook and an authority on artist’s materials. A bit dated in some areas but still a sterling resource.

A truly inspired work about being an artist and getting over yourself. A little book worth reading over and over.