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Claudette Claereboudt

Claudette Claereboudt was born in Belgium, educated in Ontario, and moved to Saskatchewan in 2005.  Claudette has been painting since childhood but finally found the time to grow and develop her techniques in retirement.  Claudette enjoys experimenting with all kinds of media but always returns to acrylics as a favourite mode of expression.  She creates landscapes, animals, still lifes, organic abstractions and a pen and ink doodle that sometimes resembles Aboriginal art and sometimes recalls Celtic art but is all her own.


Not all of Claudette’s work is small!  Her largest work was a three story mushroom on the facade of the Mushroom Boutique in Toronto in 1972.  However, Claudette has exhibited her art more discreetly and traditionally in Saskatchewan at the Art Gallery of Regina and seasonal shows with the Aurora Art Guild and the Brushworks Art Guild of Regina. Her work can be found on living room and corporate office walls in Ontario and Saskatchewan. One of her paintings hangs in the Pasqua Hospital in Regina.