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Donna Muller

Donna and her husband, Gerald, have lived in Saskatchewan all their lives, except for ten wonderful years they lived by the ocean in Nova Scotia, 2007 - 2017, which they called their extended vacation. This is where Donna’s creativity got reactivated. She originally started painting in 1978 as a way to “cover her walls with vivid memories of good times”. Donna loves taking pictures, and, after a holiday, would find a few pictures that would inspire a special painting. Working full time and having three children left little time to paint. So after moving to Nova Scotia,and leaving their three grown children behind, and being inspired by awesome scenery and many creative artists, Donna started to paint full time. In 2012 she started selling her work and attending Plein air paint outs. In 2015 she opened Donna’s Gallery in Bayside, Nova Scotia. After 10 wonderful years they decided to move back to Saskatchewan to be with their family. As of July 2017, Donna’s Gallery moved to Buena Vista, Saskatchewan, on the shore of Last Mountain Lake.