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Mark Sexton



Mark Sexton was born in Wales U.K., with pencil in hand. He emigrated to Canada with his family, and grew up in Burlington Ontario. Mark attended a high school in Burlington where his already passionate interest in art was fueled by his extraordinary art teacher, an up and coming young artist named Robert Bateman. Upon graduation Mark attended the Ontario Collage of Art, spending his final year absorbing the Italian lifestyle at the college’s campus in Florence. After that he eventually moved to Regina, Saskatchewan. Where he has made his home for the past 20 years or so.

He has pursued a life long interest in Art, and for many years he maintained a passionate relationship with watercolour. But that’s over now, and his flirtation with oil has developed into a serious affair. However this has not prevented him from introducing himself to Acrylic. He was once seduced by the ease and instant results of the computer as a medium, but has since also reunited with his first love, traditional fine art. He is primarily interested form and texture, with a fleeting interest in colour.

Mark has participated in many group and solo exhibitions over the years, resulting in his work hanging in private and corporate collections world wide.

Mark enjoys a successful career in the graphic design & commercial art field. However, he has never given up his first love; - fine art.

Mark will frequently waste his time doing complex renderings of relatively benign subjects. For fun he’ll do some figure work. 

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