How do I start posting?

There are two ways of participating in FullCircle. The first way is through the website.- Go to Log in to the website if you aren't automatically logged in.

On the left side of the page, there is a section called Messages.

If you click on Messages, it will show you all the posts that people have placed. To read them, you can click on the title, and it will appear. If you would like to reply to the person, press the reply button.

To post a message of your own, click on the word Post on the left side under Messages.

To use this option, you will likely want to set yourself to "Special Notices" in your preferences.

The second (and easier) way is through email.

Set your Yahoo preferences to Individual Emails or Daily Digest.

All the messages from the group will be sent to your email address.

To post something to the group, send an email to

To reply to a post, send the email directly to the original sender's email. (not the whole group)- To send a message to the Moderators, send an email to