Why the Name Change?

In May of 2003, Deron Beal started the first Freecycle group. Its purpose was to keep usable items out of the local landfill. As the idea spread, the Freecycle Network was born, and the idea went from being a small group of local residents trying to do nice things for Mother Earth and their neighbours, to being an international organization involved in court battles over trademark and copyright issues, where 'local' needs were overridden by the needs of the organization as a whole.

Moderators of individual groups have rapidly become resistant to the idea of leaving their groups full of friends, family, co-workers, and "regular" people like themselves at the whim of an organization which has grown much too large to think at the local level, where the needs and uniqueness of individual groups have become irrelevant. They, like us, have begun pulling away from the Freecycle Network and joining smaller associations and networks which are solely intended to advertise their availability - which brings us full circle, from grassroots, to corporate, back to grassroots.

Moderators of some groups have become very angry about the issues that have cropped up with Freecycle's huge growth and have chosen to ally themselves with others who would like to ruin the name and reputation of the Freecycle Network. Regina Fullcircle has chosen NOT to go this route. The purpose of this group is to help promote sustainability in ways that are as simple as possible to Regina and area residents - not to make others look bad.

**He who slings mud loses ground.**

We will forever thank Deron for the idea, which has formed ripples that have spread across the world, changing our outlook and giving us new hope for the future.