Regina Highland Dance Association


Why Highland Dancing?


Highland Dancing is an excellent activity for young people, providing physical and intellectual challenges. It is a highly complex dance form requiring a combination of skills and abilities, and good physical conditioning.

The Regina Highland Dance Association’s two main focuses are competitions and performances.

The RHDA runs many competitions and workshops throughout the year. Children learn to perform their best, while at the same time appreciating the skills and abilities of their fellow dancers. Dancers compete at provincial, national and international levels.

The RHDA dancers perform in the community. All age levels are involved in the public performances to share Scottish culture with the community. More experienced dancers, called Premier, also give professional-level performances. The Premier level dancers have performed at many venues including the Casino and the Saskatchewan Tattoo.

We are full members of the Scottish Pavillion and, as such, a part of the Regina Mosaic Cultural Festival. RHDA dancers of all ages and skill levels perform at this amazing event.

The RHDA is also a place where kids can be great friends!