International Advisory Committee (IAC)

The concept of forming an international advisory body of energy researchers as one of the cornerstone was a fundamental element in the growth and development of the Foundation. Our objective is to have at least one person from each energy sector (oil, coal, gas, nuclear, environment, economy...) from each country on the IAC.

The objective of the IAC is to provide periodically (once or twice per year) input on issues related to the development of the capacity and capability of the Foundation. The members of IAC also aid in the promotion of the official conference of the Foundation, ENERGEX, through ways and means available to them.

To date, membership is from over 175 countries. If your country is not listed and you wish to become a member of the IAC contact the Chairman at the address given below.

         Board of Directors 
         International Energy Foundation
         Site 8, Box 64
	 RR#1 Okotoks 
         Alberta T1S 1A1
                Tel:  1-403-938-6210
                Fax:  1-403-938-6210

IAC Members Worldwide

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Vladimir Arountiounian, Yerevan State University
Mohamed Masri, Algerian Petroleum Institute
Benali Benzeghou, University des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedière
Abdelhamid Louni, Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieuret de la Recherche Scientifique
João Sebastiào Teta, Université Agostinho Neto
Mario Jorge Cartaxo Fresta Université Agostinho Neto
Juan Carlos Bolcih, Centro Atomico Barilochi
Eng. Rubon Soro Martinez, National Technical University
Carlos A. Garcia Ebbens, National Technical University
Robert Kharazian, Dept. of Development and External Relations
Peter G. Alfredson, Minerals Research Laboratories
Bill Charters, Energy and Research Development Corporation
J. P. Harvey, State Energy Commission, Western Australia
Jill McCarthy, Dept. of Primary Industries and Energy
S. V. Szokolay, Passive and Low Energy Architecture
Owen J. Tassicker, Electric Power Research Institute
John Webb, Murdoch University
J. K. Wright, Minerals Research Laboratory
Director, Energy Efficient Centre
S. P. Narayan, University of New South Wales
Thomas Humphery Gascoigne, Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies
Gareth Evans, Former Foreign Minister
Joy Sutton, Energy Research and Development Corporation
Roger Horn, University of South Australia
Director, Energy Efficient Victoria
Mr. Dell, OO Energiesparverband
Gerhard Faninger, Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf
Farouk U. Muhammed, OPEC
Tcheknavorian-Asenbauer, UNIDO
Christian Seiser, Federal Ministry for Science and Transport
D. Loehner, International Atomic Energy Agency
Djamal-Eddine Ghozali, United Nations Industrial Organization
Doug Muir, International Atomic Energy Agency
Winfreid E. Blum, International Union of Soil Sciences
Secretary General, OPEC
Raoul Kneucker, Federal Ministry of Science and Transport
Victor M. Mourogov, International Atomic Energy Agency
Bahram Azserkov, Baku State University
Fikret Babyev, Azerbaijan Technical University
Raoul Kneucker, Federal Ministry of Science and Transport
Faramez Maksudov, Academy of Sciences
S. Ismaylov, Mechanical Engineering Department.
A. Amanov, Vice President Economy
A.N. Aliev, President of SOCAR
A.R. Dadashev, Chief of Oil and Chemistry Department
Faramez Maksudov, Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
Shawqi M.S. Al-Dallal, University of Bahrain
Sami Danish, Arab Banking Corporation
M. Shamer Ali, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
N. Choudhury, Bangladesh Assoc. for the Advancement of Sciences
S.M. Nazral Islam, Vice Chancellor, BUET
M. Khaiul Alam Khan, University of Rajshahi
Mannan M.A., Senior Consultant, Energy Systems
Shahidullah Mridha, Atomic Energy Centre
A.M. Patwari, Islamic Institute of Technology
Rashid Sarkar, Centre for Energy Studies, BUET
Hon. Lt. Gen. M. N. Uddin Khan, Minister of Science and Technology
Begum Ferdosi, Executive Director DEBTEC
H. B. M. Iqbal, Ministry of Science and Technology
Khan Tipu Sultan, Member PSC for MOST
Mohammad Ali, Engineers Institution
Jamal Nazrul Islam, University of Chittagona
Eslie Alleyne, National Science Council
Louis R. DeVerteuil, SCMF Inst. Pet.
Jeffrey Dellimore, Caribbean Development Bank
Winston King, University of West Indies


Vladimir Nedilyko, State Committee on Science and Technology
Vladimir N. Sorokin, IRCPC, ACTC Sosny
Alexander P. Voitovich, National Academy of Sciences
President, Commonwealth of Independent States
Mr. Vladimir, State Committee on Science and Technologies
Hubert van den Bergh, Viaamse Thermie
T. van der Does, The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration
Nadine Frisque, Euro-Technology Marketing
Francis Ghigny, Institut Wallon-Asbl/Energium 2000
Ms. Paule Beka, Federal Service for Scientific Technical and Cultural Affairs
I. Prigogine, International Institute for Physics and Chemistry
Pedro de Sampaio-Nunes, Commission of the European Communities
Paul Paquet, Royal Observatory of Belgium
G. De Vogelaere, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy Department
Jan van Rensbergen, Flemish Institute for Technological Research
President, African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries
Aviel Verbruggen, Professor
Jorma Routti, Commision of the European Communities
Ludo Abicht, University of Antwerpe
Anne-Marie Straus, Department of Technologies, Research and Energy
Leopold Perriott, University College of Belize
Dorian Barrow, Ministry of Education and Sports
Doroteo Pott, Belize Sugar Cane Board
O. Bagnan, UniversitéNationale du Bénin
Aboubaca Marcos, Institute de Mathématica et de Sciences Physiques
Renzo Abruzzese, Vice-Ministro para la Educación
Richard Beckett, Managing Director
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Maida Ganibegtovic, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports
Zivojin Eric, Minister of Science and Culture
Blackie Marole, Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Affairs
M. Tunde, University of Botswana
President, Southern Africa Development Community
Gromotsang Bojase, University of Botswana
Moathodi Judge Oabile, Ministry of Education
Tadeu Da Mata Dedeiros Branco, Federal University of Para
Manuel Fernandes Martin Nogueira, Federal University of Para
Luis Masperi, Cebtro Americano de Fisico
Luis Fernando Passos de Macêdo, Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission
Cristine Dias, Institute of Nuclear Energy and Research
Wrana Maria Panizzi, Association Universitè Groupe Montevideo
Carlos Ceri, Universidade de Sao Paulo
Eduardo M. Krieger, Brazilian Academy of Sciences
Jacob Palis, International Mathematical Union
José I. Vargas, Special Advisor to the President of Brazil
Carlos H. Brito Cruz, Fundação de Amparo a Perquisa do Estado de São Paulo
Isabel Craeiro Tavares Periera, Conselo Nacional Desenvolvinto Cientifico e Technológico
Jose Fernando Perez, The State of Sao Paulo Research Foundation
Elisa Maria Reis, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Marilia Sardenberg Zelner Goncalves, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ivan Emiol Chambouleyon, Universidad de Campinas
N. Kereselidze, Research and Design Institute
Editor, Black Sea Regional Energy Center
Hristo Bahnev, Executive Director, National Electricity Company
Orlin Hristoforov, Executive Director, Coal Holdings Plc.
Pavlin Nestorov, Head of Division, Electricity Power Section, Committee of Energy
Stantcho Andreev, Vice President of the Committee of Energy
Nicolia Angelov, Ministry of Education and Science
N. Yakimoff, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Clémentine Dabire, National Center of Research and Technology
Anka Nedjalkova, Central Laboratory of Solar Energy
Emil Anatonov, District Heating and gas
Burkina Faso
Weren Aladji, Institute of Research, Applied Sciences and Technology
Clémentine Dabire, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique
Bibiane Kone, Université de Quagadougou
M. Cyrille Ruribikiye, Ministère de l;Educaion Nationale


Daniel N. Nuh, BUCOSE
J. Gbedo, Panafrican Institute for Development
Isabelle Marie Tokpanou, FAWE Cameroon
Gervis Mbarga, Cameroon University
Charple Binam Bikoi, Ministère de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique
Fred Awad, University of Quebec
Lise Brousseau,, Association Quebecoise Pour la Maitrise de l'Energie
Peter Carrie, Ontario Hydro Corporation
Philippe J. Crabbe, Institute for Research on Environment and Energy
Chad Day, Simon Fraser University
W.S. Fyfe, International Union of Geological Sciences
Blaine F. Hawkins, Petroleum Recovery Institute
Christine Huang, Japan External Trade Organization
Carole Kielly, Independent Power Producers of Ontario
Morgan MacRae, CERI
A.M. Martin, Memorial University
Shiela McKirdy, SESCI
Roger Peters, International Consultant
Bernard Saulnier, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association
L.P. Strange, CANMET
Raye Thomas, Canadian Solar Industries Association
Margaret Vokes, Ontario International Trade Corporation
Dean Wallace, Alberta Research Council
Director, University of Victoria
Director, CIPEC Secretariat
Director, IPPSO
Benjamin Gianni, Carlton University
Ian MacDonald, University of Manitoba
Tom Bruzustowski, President NSERC
Manager, Consulting and Engineering Services Directorate
Bly, National Research Council of Canada
Barry Davies, Energy Management Task Force
Jim Johnson, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
John Mahalus, Industry Canada
Mac Nason, Natural Resources Canada
Po-Chih Lee, Natural Resources Canada
Rod Araneda, Resources for Sustainable Development
President, Canadian Electricity Association
President, Canadian District Energy Association
President, International Union for Vacum Science
Arthur J. Carty, National Research Council
Bruce Gaulin, Mc Master University
Faqir A. Biacs, President, International Union of Food Science and Technology
Greg Leng, Energy Diversification Research Laboratory
Richard Okambawa, Consultant
Claire Deschenes, University of Laval
Guy Gelineau, Government of Québec, Ministry of Research and Technology
Alain Poole, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Head, CANMET Energy Diversification Research
Cape Verde
Jorge Brito, Enseignement Supérieur et de la Science
Central African Republic
Jean Koudu, Université de Bangui
M. Luc Wenezoui, Ministère de l'Educationn Nationale et de la Recherche Scientifique
Farah Mahamat Seid, Counseiller du Premier Ministere
Pedro Sarmiento, Universidad T. F. Santa Maria
Francisco Claro, Pontifica Universidad Catholica de Chile
Edgar Kausel, Academia Nacional de Ciencia
Mario Sapag Nagar, Vice Rector de Asuntos Academicos
Sergio Velasco, Presidente de la Comisión y Technologia
Kefa Cen, Institute for Thermal Power Engineering
Guan-Zhou Du, Shandong Electric Testing and Research Institute
Zhou Fengu, Energy Research Institute
Lian-Min Guo, University of Petroleum
Yuxin Guo, Shandong Province Energy Research Institute
Zhang Guocheng, State Science and Technology Commission
Sun Jian, Northeast China Institute of Electric Power Engineering
Xiu Min Jiang, Northeast China Institute of Electric Power Engineering
Chunmei Lu, Shandong University of Technology
Bao-Qing Li, Laboratory of Coal Chemistry
Shi Pengfei, Chinese Wind Energy Development Centre
Deshui Ruan, Central China Normal University
Minghou Xu, National Coal Combustion Lab
Xuchang Xu, State Laboratory of Efficient and Clean Combustion of Coal
Zhu Yaoshan, Wuhan Cereal Science and Research Design Institute
Liu Ying, Chengdu, Biogas Research Institute
Mingyao Zhang, Thermoenergy Engineering Research Institute
Lilan Zhu, State Science and Technology Commission
Hu Qiheng, Chaina Association for Science and Technology
Liu Dun, Institute for the History of Natural Sciences
Xuan Wang, Peking University
Sun Wanhu, Ministry of Science and Technology
Alvaro Campo Cabal, SECAB
Eduardo Posada, Asociación Colombiana para el Avance de la Ciencias
Jose Lozano, Academia Colombiana de Ciences Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales
Nohora E. Hoyos, Ciencia y Tecnologia Interactiva
Gerado Martiniz Colciencias, Energy Consultant
Geoffery Halliday, Managing Director Solarco
Sidi Ainouddine, Centre National de Documentation et de Recherche Scientifique
Jean Diamouangana, Director
Michael Bakinga, Chargé de la Recherche e Scientifique
Alphonse Ekouya, Chemistry professor
Congo, Democratic Republic
Prof. Malu Wa Kalenga, Atomic Energy General Commission
President, Central African State Development Bank
Costa Rica
Shyam S. Nandwani, Asociacion Costarricence de Energie
Enrique Gongora, Atomic Energy of Costa Rica
Manuel Maria Murillo, Oficina Asuntos Internacionales
Tatiana Lasaris Comneno, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
Gabriel Macaya Trejos, University of Costa Rica
M. Doresic, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports
Z. Mrsa, University of Rijeka
H. E. Milena Zic-Fuchs, Minister of Science and Technology
Ms. Kralik, University of Osijek
Fedor Kritovac, Civil Engineering Institute
Miomir Dragovic, University of Split
Eudel Cepero Varela, Agencia Ambiental Entorno Cubano
Director, Cuban Environs Environmental Agency
Ismael Clark Arxer, President, Academia de Ciences de Cuba
Lic. Maria Teresa Rodriguez, Comisión Nacional Cubana de la UNESCO
Lic. Vann Troi Navarro Martinez, Brigadas Técnicas Juveniles
Fidel Delgado, Technical Information Center
Jack Holbrook, Executive Secretary, ICASE
Georgios Zachariades, Ministry of Education and Culture
Czech Republic
Vera Havrankova, Czech Environmental Institute
Vera Prchlik, Czech Society for the Environment
Frantisek Dusbabek, Czech National Commission for UNESCO
Jifi Hlavacek, Ministry of the Environment
Peter Krenek, Ministry of Education
Jan Motlik, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Ivana Havlasova, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Kang Tong Gun, Academy of Sciences
Hong Ryun Gi, Bureau of International Science and Technological Cooperation
Majbrit M. Hoyer, Power Engineering
Kenneth Larsen, Energy Centre Denmark
Henrik Lund, Aalborg University
Vijalmur Nielson, Technical University of Denmark
Brent Sorenson, Roskilde University
Preben Thisgaard, Nova Pro
Haldor Topsoe, Naldor Topsoe A/S
John Vijjen, ISWA
Director, Danish Ministry of Energy
Jens Rostrup-Nielsen, Haldor Topsoe
Askel Hauge Pedersen, Gas Technology Center
Jorn Lars Berglund Neilsen, Technological Society of Greenland
Morton Hansen, Director, Research Administration
Erik Thulstrup, Roskilde University
Dominican Republic
Mario Bonetti, Academia de Ciences de la República Dominicana
Pablo Tactuk, Secretary, Palacio Presidencial Técnio de la Presidencia a de le República
Janet Kundhartd, Instituto Dominicano de Technologica
Rupert Lance, Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs


Edmundo Brown, Ecuador Atomic Energy Commission
Patricio Penaherrera, Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Studies
Gustavo Tapia, Escuela Politécnica Superior del Ejército
Reinaldo Valarezo, Universidad Nacional de Loja
Hisham El Agamawy, A.O.I. Engine Factory
Salah El-Toumy, OECP
Adel Aly Ahmed Ghoneim, University of Alexandria
Salah M. El Haggar, American University
M. Khalifa, National Centre for Middle East Studies
Mohamed Mahmoui, University of Menouf
Ahmed El Marsafawy, Engineer
Galal Osman, Mansoura Energy Authority
Samia M. Rashad, Atomic Energy Authority
Laila Abd Elkawy Saleh, New and Renewable Energy Authority
F. Hassan,The American University of Cairo
Mahmoud Hafez Ibrahim, Cairo University
Mohamed Rafek Abdel Bary, Nile Research Institute
Mohamed Yousry, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
Sherif Hussein Eissa, President, National Research Center
El Salvador
Director, AMAR
Equatorial Guinea
Jose Luis Luis Alfaro Musa, Ministry of Mines and Energy
Miguel Ekua Ondo, Minestry of Mines and Energy
Miguel Edjo Ovono, National University of Equatorial Guinea
Semereab Habtetsion, Ministry of Energy and Mines
Azenegash Ghebreselesie Woldeghebriel, National Union of Eritean Women
Azieb Ogbaghebriel, University of Asmara
Woldeab Yishak, University of Asmara


Juri Engelbrecht, Estonian Academy of Sciences
Juan Einasto, Tartu Observatory
Jaak Kangilask, Tartu University
Vello Kalda, Metsavester A.S.


D. Gemeda, Addis Ababa University
Solomon Zewde, Ethopian Science and Technology Commission


Mahendra Kuman, Director, Department of Energy, University of the South Pacific
Lala Bukarall, Pacific Representative OFAN
President, South Pacific Forum
Kalervo Afmo Nevala, Technical Research Centre of Finland
Kari Immonen, Cadett-Suomi
Vilho Hirvl, Ministry of Education
Eva Tolonen, University of Technology
Marjatta Aariala, Technology Development Center
Maiji Rask, Ministry of Education
Tapio Markkanen, Finish Council of University Rectors
Aino Sallinen, University of Jyväsklä
Thierry Autric, Association Professionelle Francaise Pour le Developpement Des Energies Renouvelables
Jacques Baratti, Universite de Provence
Boris Berkowski, UNESCO, Director of Engineering Sciences
R. Daudel, European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities
Andre Jacquement, Europlan-Choras
Christien Lahie, Rare
G. Menguy, Association Lyonnaise pour l'Etude et le Developpement de l'Energie Solaire
Bernard Perrin, Universite Paul Sabatier
Claude Peryrebonne, BCOEM Societe
Natacha Reynier, Atomic Energy Commission
Gerard Riguidel, Agence de l'Environement et la maitrise de l'Energie
Michel Trinte, Universite de Rouen
Anthony Mayer, European Science Foundation
Dominique Foray, Institut pour le Management de la Recherche et de l'Innovation
Eric Banda, European Science Foundation
Francesco di Castri, Director of Recherche
Jean-Eric Aubert, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry
Stefan Michalowski, OECD
Alain Brothier, CEA/Saclay
Alexandre Charles Kiss, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Halvor Lervik, Council of Europe
John Loughead, Vice president, ALSTROM
Isabelle de Lamberterie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
President, Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation
Guy Ourisson, French Academy of Sciences
J. B. Hudavert, Ararat International Academy of Sciences
Leszek Kosinski, International Social Science Council
Martine Boiteux, Direction de la Recherche et de la Technologie
Philippe de la Saussay, Ministry of Education, Research and Technology
Philippe Lazar, Institut de Recherche pour le Développment
Carlos Bendana-Pinel, Permanent Delegation of Honduras to UNESCO
French Polynesia
Jean Denis Girard, South Pacific Institute for Renewable Energies


Dieudonné Ngaka Nsafu, Ministry of Scientific and Technological Innovation
Francois Owono Nguema, Commision Nationale Gaboniase pour l'UNESCO
M. Wilfred Mvou, Ministry of Research and Technological Innovation


Istotou Gaye, National Environmental Agency


N. Badurshvili, General Director, Sakenergogeneratia Company
V. Metreveli, General Director, Sakenergo Company
Albert Tavkhelid, Georgian Academy of Sciences
Nodar Amaglobeli, Committee for Education, Science and Culture
Sesili Gogiberidze, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Levan Japaridze, National Department for Science and Technology
Vladimir Papava, Academy of Sciences
Simon Baramidze, Sakenergogeneratsia Company
N. Badurashvili, Sakenergogeneratia Company
N. Kereselidzo, Research and Design Institute of Energy


Detlef Bahnemann, Inst. fur Solarenergieforschung Gmbh
Reinhart Billet, Ruhr University
Micheal Brand, CORA
Elizabeth Freidemann, Friedlmann & Johson Consulatnts Gmbh
Johann Frenzl, Zweckverhand Regionale Entwichclung und Energie
Deitrich Brune, Forsderaugs Zeutrum Karlsruhe
Hellmut Glubrecht, Institut fur Solarenergieforshung
Hanz-Jurguen Laue, KFA Julich Projekttraqer BEO
H. Metzner, European Academy for Environmental Affairs
Energie Anlagen Berlin GmbH
Thomas Mierke, Energie Andagen Berlin GmbH
Markus Mohr, Universitat Bochum
Ekkchart Naumann, Borda Bremen
Volkmar Nickel, Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing
Marcus Nurdin, World Fuel Cell Council
Bjorn Pohlmeier, GOPA-Consultants
Herbert Rath, Zenit GmbH
Knud Rehfeldt, DEWI
Hermann Scheer, Eurosolar
Martin Skiba, Rihr Universitat Bochum
Kaus-Dieter Tarlowski, Institut fur Umwettschutz und Energietechnik
Andreas Volwahsen, Innotee Systemanlyse GmbH
Dinah Sheldon, The World Conservation Union
Georg F. Schultheib, Scientific Technical Director
Michael Meier, Deutsche Forchungsgemeinschaft
Gernot Oswald, Seimens Solar GmbH
Hans Sixl, Aventis-Hoechst AG
Hubert Markl, Max-Planck Gesellschaft zur Föderung und Wissenschaften
Paul Hoyninge n-Huene, University of Hanover
Francis K. A. Allotey, The Society of African Physicists and Mathematicians
Hon. Mohammad Ibn Chambas, Deputy Minister of Education
C. Akumfi-Ameyaw, Ghana Educational Service
Francis Kofi Allotey, Ghana Academy of Arts and Science
Alfred Apau, Council for Scientific Industrial Research
Platon Baltos, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
Leonidas Damianidis, LDK Consultants Engineers and Planners
Theodor Goumas, Sinergia
Theocharis Tsoutos, Promotion of Energy Technologies and International Cooperation
Martha Simantoni, Center of Renewable Energy Sources
Eleftherios Tzellas, Public Petroleum Corporation
Emmamouil Drakakis, Technical Chamber of Commerce
Stefsanos Ioakimidis, Technical Chamber of Greece
Emmanuel Frangoulis, General Secretariat for Research and Technology
Martha Simantoni, Center of Renewable Energy Sources


John Andrew, Ministry of Education
Jervis Viechweg, Ministry of Education


President, Central American Common Market



Mawiatou Bah, Université de Kankan
Seydouba Camara, Université de Kankan
Mamadou Kodjougou Diallo, Université de Connakry
Sékou Konate, Centre de Recherche Scientifique de Rogbané
Guinea Bissau
Maria Ivone Lopes Pereira da Costa, Institut de Recherche et Technologie Applique CIIA


President, Caribbean Community and Common Market
John Ceasar, Faculty of Natural Science, University of Guyana
Laurent Prince Langevine, Langevine Laurent Prince, Managing Director


Pierre Paquiot, Université d'Etat d'Haiti
René Jean-Jumeau, Université d'Etat d'Haiti


Juerg M. Gruetter, Ecological Programs in Central America
Lic. Ricardo Membrenot, Sistemas Solares de Honduras
Hong Kong
Clive Grant, Shell Developments (UK) Ltd.
Wing-tat Huang, Hong Kong Polytechnic
Bjorn Kaupang, GE Power Systems Asia-Pacific
Edmund Leung Kwong-ho, The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers
Ping Keung Ko, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Janos Elek, General Committee for Technological Development
Prof. L. Imre, Hungarian Section of ISES
Gyorgy Hamsely, Ministry of Agriculture
Janos Prohaszka, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
George Vajda, Hungarian Atomic Energy Commission
Nohammed M. Abdulla, Yemen Embassy to Hungary
Palugyai, European Union of Science Journalist Association
Peter Literathy, Institute for Water Pollution Control
E. Nészáros, University of Veszprem
G. Koteles, Committee for the World Conference on Science
Istvan Mayer, Institute of Chemistry
Madeha Darwish, Embassy of Egypt to Hungary
Ferenc Glatz, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
István Fodor, Ericsson Telecommunications Ltd.
Janos Ginsztler, Hungarian Academy of Engineers
O. Hajto, Hungarian Engineering Chamber
Adam Kiss, Ministry of Education
Vanda Lamm, Institute of Jurisprudence, Academy of Sciences
András Liptak, National Scientific Research Fund
Pál Michelberger, Federation of Technical Scientific Societies
S. E. Vizi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Haldór Jonsson, The University of Iceland
V. Ludviksson, The Iselandic Research Council

H.M. Behl, National Botanical Research Institute
J. K. Das, Petroleum Conservation Research Association
H. P. Garg, Centre for Energy Studies
M. Fatouh Gattas, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Krishna Rao Gudikandula, Govt. of Polytechnique Masab Tank
Devinder Kaushal, Solchrome Systems India Ltd.
S. Scrinivasa Murthy, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
P.C. Pant, Ministry of non-Conventional Energy Sources
Venkat Raj, Atomic Research Centre
Dr. Babuji, COSTED
Madham Gadgil, Indian Institute of Sciences
Monkombu S. Swaminathan, Centre for Research on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
V. S. Ramanurthy, Technology Bhavan
D. P. Singh, Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO
Kamaruddin Abdullah, FATETA, IPB
Raldi A. Koesteor, University of Indonesia
Riza Muhida, Institute of Technology Bandung
Aryadi Suwono, Inter-University Centre for Engineering Sciences
President, Association of South Asian Nations
H. Djojodhardjo, Office of the President of the Republic
Sjamsiah Achmad, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Harijono Djojodihardjo, National Institute of Areonautics and Space
Abdul A. M. Al-Ani, University of Al-Anbar
Riyad Al-Dabbagh, Al-Mustansiriya University
Dr. R. Amrollahi, Atomic Energy Organization
Saievar Iranizad, Tarbiat Modarres University
J. Razavi, Sharif University of Technology
J. Alaghemandan, Deputy Minister of Education
M. T. Hosseini, Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Mohammed Hasen, President, Agricultural Res. Edu. And Extension Organization
Reza Maknoon, Deputy to the First Vice President
Fatollah Moztarzadeh, Energy Materials Research Center
Khosro Piri, University of Lorestan
Abdolhamid Riazi, Amirkabir University of Technology
Jafar Towfighi, Vice Minister of Culture and Higher Education
Owen Lewis, Energy Research Group
David Taylor, Irish Science and Technology Agency
Mattie Mc Cabe, Office of Science and Technology
Noel Treacy, Minister for Science and Technology
Pat Timpson, Institute of Technology
James Dooge, Professor
Cearbhail O'Dalaigh, Department of Education and Science
Pat Timpson, Institute of Technology
Yair Etzion, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Yigal Porat, Israel Electric Corp. Ltd.
Yossi Segal, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Uri Shamir, Israel Institute of Technology
Mordechai Bishari, Ministry of Science
Yair Aharonowitz, Tel-Aviv University
Nafali Arnon, Ministry of Science
Husam Massalha, Director of Environmental and Agricultural Research
Zehev Tadmor, Haifa Technion City
Meïr Zadok, Israel Academy of Sciences
A. Barbero, Soges Organizzazione e Gestione
Paulo Bonaretti, ASTER
Ettore Bompard, Politecnico di Torino
Fransisco Ciampa, ENEA
Giorgio Donega, CESEN
Giuseppe Furlan, Centre for Theoretical Physics
Italo Meroni, National Council of Research, ICITE
Alberto Pieri, Federazione dele Assocaizione Scientifiche e Techniche
Riccardo Tommasini, Electrical Engineering Dep. - Politechnic of Turin
Antonio Naviglio, University Di Roma
Antonio Sanò, ENEA
G. Fonti, Ministry of the University and Scientific and Technological Research
Giovanni Chiesa, Environmental Technology Expert
Carla Galavotti, University of Bologna
Ugo Fairnelli, Scientific Advisor to the President of ENEA
H. E. Sen. Ortensio Zecchino, Ministry of University and Scientific and Technology
Daniel Schaffer, Research International Center for Theoretical Physics
G. Luzzato, University of Genova
Louise Fresco, FAO-SDR
Miguel A. Virasoro, International Center for Theoretical Physics
Muhammad Akhtas, Vice president TWAS
Sen. Tullia Carrettoni Romagnoli, Italian National Commission for UNESCO
Gianfranco Facco Bonitti, Director General of Cultural Relations
Francesco Margiotta Brogio, National Italian Commission for UNESCO
Ivory Coast
Kedro Diomande, Ministry of Higher Education
K. Sall, African Development Bank
Saliou Toure, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovative Technologies
M. Daouda Aidara, University of Abobo-Adjama
Ayemou Désire Assa, Université de Cocody

Dorothy ByField, Scientific Research Council
Gerald C. Lalor, International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences
Eiichi Endo, Electrochemical Laboratory
Naotsugo Isshki, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Toshio Kawaraya, Osaka City Institute of Public Health
Takahiro Kikuchi, Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology Research Association
Tadaaki Mizoguchi, Babcock-Hitachi K.K. Kure Research Laboratory
Koichi Watanabe, Keio University
Soshiro Yoshikawa, NEDO Information Centre
Hans Van Ginkel, Rector, United Nations University
Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, Yamanashi University
Hirotaka Sugawara, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Ryo Hirasawa, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy
Sadao Ohshima, Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture
Suteo Kimura, Science Council of Japan
Yasuhiko Nagashima, Executive Director, Science Council of Japan
Yoichi Hosokawa, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Hiroyuki Yoshikawa, President, Science Council of Japan
Bassam Alk Abu-Hijleh, Jordan University of Science and Technology
Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, Ministry of Planning
Said Alloush, Royal Scientific Society
Khaled N. Eishuraydeh, Higher Council for Science and Technology
Mahmoud A. Hammad, University of Jordan
Malek Kabariti, Renewable Energy Research Centre
Yousef Zurigat, University of Jordan
Subhi Quasem, Consultant
Adnan Badran, President, Philadelphia University
Mohammed A. Handan, Secretary General, Higher Council for Science and Technology
Abdel-Rahim, Royal Scientific Society
Abdelrahim Hunaiti, Mu'tah University

Kholpan S. Itkuylova, D.V. Sokolsky Inst. of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry
G. D. Zakumbaeva, National Academy of Sciences
B. K. Aliyarov, Science Research Energy Institute
Nagima Aitkhozhina, National Academy of Sciences
Edil Ergozhin, Institute of Chemical Sciences
Azimkhan Satybaldin, National Academic Center of Agrarian Research
Justus K. Laichena, Kenyatta University
Shem Oyoo Wandiga, Kenya National Academy of Sciences
Thomas R. Odhiambo, African Academy of Sciences
Margaret Kamar, Chepkoel Campus, Moi University
Wilfred K. K. Kimalat, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development
S. K. Mbaya, National Council for Science and Technology
Ratemo Michieka, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Shem O. Wandiga, Kenya National Academy of Sciences
Chungmoo Auh, Centre for International Science and Technology Corporation
Young-Bok Chae, Korean Chemical Society
Seok-Jung Chang, Korea Petroleum Development Corporation
Pil-Chong Kang, Korean Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials
Dong-Hak Kim, Korean Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials<
Hoagy Kim, RACER
In Kee Kim, Korea Gas Corporation
Kyung Hoi Lee, Technology Research Centre
Man-ki Min, Korea Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Ee-ton Pak, Sung Kyum Kwan University
Cha In-suk, Korean National Committee, UNESCO
Kwang Soon Moon, Korea Interfacial Science and Engineering Institute
Lee Ilsoo, Ministry of Science and Technology
Park Hang-Sik, Assistant to the President S&T
Chang Moon Ho, Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning
Cho Kyu-ha, Korea Science Foundation
Kim Jung-wk, Graduate School of Environment, Seoul National University
Zhang Hwe-ik, Seoul National University
Kyrayzstan Republic
Alaibek J. Obozov, State Project KYN
Beishin Imanakunov, Krygyz National Academy of Sciences
Vladimir Semyonov, Krygyz State National University
Mervat Badawi, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
M. F. Al-Rashed, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Abdul Aziz Al-Ragom, The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
Abdulhadi Alotaibi, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
President, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Lily Moros, EC Energy Centre Riga
Vija Klusa, Latvian Academy of Sciences
Baiba Rizva, Council of Higher Education
Janis Sikstulis, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO
Janis Stradins, Latvian Academy of Sciences
N. Skredele, Baltaruta Ltd.
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Boua Khay Khone Sveng Suksa, Université Nationale du Laos
S. Phanousith, Science, Technology and Environment Organization
Dr. Ali Mounzer, National Council for Scientific Research
Mouin Hamzé, National Council of Scientific Research
Abdul Husseini, Université Libanaise
L. T. Jonathan, National University of Lesotho
Koebu Khalema, National University of Lesotho
Frankie N. Cassell, Cuttington University College
Goll-Kotchi, Liberian National Commission for UNESCO
Frederick Hunder, University of Liberia
Mustafa Fituri Abusaid, Al-Fateh University
Jamal Najizubie, National Academy for Scientific Research
Shaban Rushad, Electrical Construction Company
Silke Wustner, Interfloat Corporation
Jugis Vilemas, Lithuanian Energy Institute
Benediktas Juodka, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Leonas Kadziulis, Science Council of Lithuania
Rolandas Pavilionis, Vilnius University
Rimantas Slizys, Ministry of Science and Education
Heimo Notzold, Luxcontrol
Claude Wehenkel, Centre Recherche Public Henri Tudor

Violeta Kecharovska, Ministry of Economy
Vlatko Gavrilov, Technical Manager, Duoim-Redovis
Mirko Todorovski, Research Centre of Energy and Informatics, Skopje
Fisnik Marku, Assistant to the Minister of Science
Claude Hortense Solofoniaina, Université Mahajanga
 Georges Remy, Université d'Antsitanana
Marie Dieudomé Michel Razafindrandriatsimaniry, Université de Fianarantsoa
Jean Gervis RafamantanantsoaMinistère de la Recherche Scientifique
Raoelina Andriambololona, Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires
Francis Sichali, Ministry of Works
Joseph B. Matola, Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture
Kalenga Saka, University of Malawi
Abdulmalik Abdul Shokor, University of Science
Fakhrul-Razi Ahmadun, University of Pertanian Malaysia
Azni Zain Ahmed, Mara Institute of Technology
Norsaadah H.J. Ismail, Mara Institute of Technology
H. J. Abus Bin Wahab, University Technologi Malaysia
Z. A. Zainal, University Sains Malaysia
Mohanan Nair, Ministry of Education
Yee Cheong Lee, The Academy of Sciences of Malaysia
Cheah Kong Wai, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Khalijah Mohd Salleh, University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Dato'Ir. Lee Chong, Academy of Science Malaysia
James Horgen, Solar Power Ltd.
Ahmed Hafiz, Marine Research Center
Hassan Hameed, Maldives College of Higher Education
Salamata Fofana Gakou, Association of Women Engineers in Mali
Sahaloum Ould Youbba, Ministry of Secondary Education and Scientific Research
Marshall Islands
Patrick Langmoir, Ministry of Education
Falai Taafaki, Special Consultant to the Minister of Education
Ould H'Mehada Mokhtar, Ministry of National Education
Abed Peerally, University of Mauritius
Sivalingum Subramamien, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Scientific Research
Goolam MohamedBhat, University of Mauritius
Eduardo A. Rincon, University Atonoma del Estado de Mexico
Luis Rodriguez Viqueira, UNAM
J. Sanchez Sosa, Union of Latin American Universities
Facultad de Arquitura UNAL, Secretaria de Estudios de Postgrados
Jaime Aboites Aguilar, Universidad Nacional Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco
Carlos Bazdresch Parada, Consejo Nacionald e Cienca y Technologia
Simion Petrov, University of Humanities
G. Postica, International Free University of Moldova
Tseyen Tsedevsuren, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Prof. Ch. Tseren, Mongolian Academy of Natural Sciences
Baatar Chadraa, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Sosov Enktuul, Office of International Relations
Bachir Raissouni, AlAkhawayn University (Ifrane)
Elmadani Belkhadir, Université Mohamed Premier
Taïb Bannani, Ecloe Mohamédia des Ingénieurs
Saâd Daoudi, Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi
Mohamad Ferhat, Université Hassan II Mohamédia
Omar Fassi-Fehrf, State Secretariat for Scientific Research
José Domingos Diogo Lopes Chembeze, Eduardo Mondlane University
Paulo Ivo Garrido, Higher Institute for Sciences and Technology
Soe Yin, Yangon University Rangoon
L. Hangala, NAMPOWER
The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mines
Inker Hoogenhout, Nampower
Willem Jankowitz, Polytechnique of Namibia
Geoffery Kiangi, University of Namibia
Peter Katjavivi, University of Namibia
Asser Mudhika, Ministry of Mines and Energy
Earle A. S. Taylor, Ministry of Higher Education
K. F. Tjipangandjara, University of Namibia
President, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
Tuen C. de Boer, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Judy van Hemert, International Society of City and Regional Planners
Guus Hutjes, IRO
Willem van Dongen, NedWind Windturbines
S. Vander Lu-Foks, FME Group Windenergie
Willem J. H. van Groenendaal, Centre for Economic Research, Tilburg University
Theo Haanen, The Netherklands Agency for Energy and the Environment
C. W. J. van Koppen, Consultant
Frnas Meiring, Kema Nederland BV
Francien Somers, Novem
L. Veefkind, Eindhoven University of Technology
Lisa Price, Wageningen Agricultural University
Marcel Van den Broecke, International Statistical Institute
Derk Kalverkkamp, IEA Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange
Elchin Babayev, Astrophysical Laboratory
Guus van Hoof, IEA Caddet Energy Efficiency
Jos Bouma, IEA Heat Pump Centre
Herman Verstrapppen, International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences
Ester Ogena, Director, Science Education
New Caledonia
Conrad S. Hopman, International Energy Consultant
President, South Pacific Commission
New Zealand
Ken Graham, Energy Efficient and Conservation Authority
Ralph E.H. Sims, Massey University
Mike Mongillo, International Geothermal Society
 Mauricio Peratta, Competencia Transparencia en las Mercados
Grant Ransay, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
Ralph Cooney, University of Auckland
Jeffery Hunter, University of Albany
Terry Neal, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
Francisco Gusman Pasos, Consejo Nacional de Universidades
Oscar Gomez, Ministerio de Fomento Industria y Comercio
Abdoussalam Ba, Director General of CNES
Issoufou Kouada, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology
Dr. S. Adedeji Daramola, Federal University of Technology, Yola
Samuel O. Enibe, National Centre for Energy Research and Development
Johnson A. Ekpere, Organisation of African Unity
E. T. Eshett, Federal University of Technology
C.I. Ezekwe, University of Nigeria
Mohammed A. Gulma, Centre for Energy Research
T. C. Madueme, University of Nigeria, Nsuakka
Ibrahim Saidu, Ministry of Petroleum Resources
W. D. Udeoka, Federal Department of Meteorology Service
S. K. Manzo, New Federal Government Education Secretariat
Grace Adele Williams, Vice president TWOWS
R. A. Boroffile, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure
Abubaker S. Sambo, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa UNiversity
Berit Nordland, CICERO
Gro Alteren, University of Tromso
Chris Grorud, KanEntgi AS
John Tandi, EFI
Anna Garner, International Council of Association for Science Education
Kathinka Evers, Responsibility and Ethics in Science
Kirsten Broch-Mathissen, The Research Park Division of Environment and Development
Borghild Abusland, Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs
Jens Erik Fenstad, University of Oslo
Arvid Hallen, The Research Council of Norway
Brit Hjeltnes, Institute of Marine Research
M. Kaiser, The Research Park
Kjell Mork, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Thomas Overgaard, Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs
Lucy Smith, University of Oslo

Hilal Ali Zaher Al-Hinai, Sultan Qaboos University
Mohammed S. Ben Ayoun, Sultan Qaboos University

Salim Akbar, Pakistan Air Force
Jehangir Khan Sial, Agricultural University
Sajid Mahmood, University of Agriculture
Mohammed Ali mahesar, Executive Secretary COMSTECH
Atta-ur-Rehman, University of Karachi
Tariq-ur-Rehman, Ministry of Science and Technology
Marwan Awartani, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
Munthir Salah, Minister of Higher Education
Violet Qumsieh, Applied Research Institute Jerusalem
Rafeeq Al- Husseini, Palestine Academy of Sciences and Technology
Maria Donoso, Director, CATHALAC
Ceferino Sanchez Jorquera, National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation
Papua New Guinea
L. Matainho, University of Papua New Guinea
John Waiko, Vice Minister for Higher Education
Washington E. Castillo, Universidad Nacional de Piura
Escuela de Post Grado, Universidad Nacional Agrarie La Moline
President, Andean Group
Juan E. Barreda Detgado, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Technologia
Anibal Tomecich, General Manager, Cenergia
Dean, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
Germelino F. Abito, PNOC Energy Research and Development Centre
R. Punongbayan, Department of Science and Technology
President, Asian Development Bank
Mr. Filemon Uriate, Minister of Science and Technology
Allan Benedict Bernardo, De La Salle University
Delfin Ganapin Jr., UNESCO National Committee of the Philippines
Ester Ogena, Science Education Institute
Lidia Gawlik, Mineral and Energy Research Centre
Urszula Lorenz, Mineral and Energy Research Centre
Stanislaw M. Pietruzko, Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
Jan Krzysztof Frackowiak, State Committee for Scientific Research
Maciej W. Grabski, Foundation for Polish Science
Michal Kleiber, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Bogdan Marciniec, State Committee of Scientific Research
Z. Smieszek, Institute of Non Ferrous Metals
Wilibald Winkler, Ministry of National Education
Henri Baguenier, CEETA
Ribas Isabel, FET/ UNL
Manuel Marques, INET/ITE
Manuel Collares Pereira, INETI
Andre Ribas, FET/UNL
Juao Pedro Ricardo, CCE
C. A. C. Sequeira, Instituto Superior Tecnico
Ibrahim Gulyurtlu, INETI
Diogo Pires Aurelio, Comission Nationale Portugaise Pour l'UNESCO
C. Pinto, l"Union Général des Travailleurs
Maria Fernanda Souto-Sepulveda, Institute of International Scientific and Technological Cooperation
Luis Lobo, Council of Recteurs
Eduardo Aranges e Olivera, Université Technique de Lisbonne

Wafik Kamal, Projects Dept. Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting
Al Ali, University of Qatar, Faculty of Science
Ali Al Bahrawi, University of Qatar, Faculty of Engineering

Republic of Korea

Young Sul Jeong, Ministry of Science and Technology


Laurentiu Fara, Romanian National Agency for Renewable Energy
Tatu Gabriel, Technical University
Constantin Iulian, Laureate of the Romanian Academy
Petru Dan Lazar, Senator de Bucuresti
Magdalena Momirlan, Romanian Academy
Lucia Pantelimon, Polytechnica University
Elisabeta Pasculete, ICPET Ceretare S.A.
Carmel Sturra Popovici, Member of Romanian Parliament
Alexandra Taiachin, Institutul de Studii si Proiectari Hidroenergetice, S.A.
Ion Haiduc, Romanian Academy
A. Abagyan, Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation
Anatolii Atanasieu, Nuclear Safety Institute
Viacheslav M. Batenin, Institute for High Temperatures
Georgiy S. Golovin, Institute for Fossil Fuels
Jermen Gvishiani, Institute for Systems Analysis
Vladimir V. Klimenko, Nuclear Safety Institute
A. Leontiav, National Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer
V. V. Nichlov, Ministry of Education and Technology
Valentin N. Parmon, Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Vladamir Pinchuk, Baltic State Technical University
Yu Rudenko, Academy of Sciences
Serguei Tchnernonog, ICSTI
Vladmir Strahov, Guild of Leaders of Science
Alexei Khokhlov, Lomonosov Moscow University
Nikolai Platé, Russian Academy of Sciences
Mikhail Alfimov, Russian Academy of Sciences
Nikolai Dobretsov, Russian Academy of Sciences
Victor Melnikov, Russian Doma Committee for Education, Science and Culture
Vitali Fridlenov, Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation
Alex Gvichiani, Director of the Center of Geophysics
Alexei Sissakian, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Victor Sadovivhi, Moscow State University
Igor I. Samkhen, Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences
Augustin Hategeka, Ministry of Public Works
Focus Ntayomya, Environmental Department
Albert Butare, Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management
C. Karangwa, Institute of Scientific and Technological Research
Albert Batanaze Mutesa, Director of Scientific and Technological Research

Saudi Arabia
Hassan Al-Safadi, Al-Afandi Establishment
A.A. Al-Farayedhi, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Saleh Al-Athel, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Abdulrahman S. Hariri, King Faisel University
Zeyad Hamoud Al Zahrani, General Petroleum and Minerals Corporation
Youcef Hajjar, King Abdulaziz University
President, Organization of the Islamic Conference
Omar Al-Attas, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Saleh Bin Moussa Al-Dobaiban, Ministry of Education
Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Hassan, Ministry of Higher Education
H. E. Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al-Rasheed, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Saint Lucia
B. Tulsie, National Council for Science and Technology
Fomara Ihranima Sagna, Conseil Economique et Social
Maguette Diop, Teacher Training Research
Momar Mareme Dieng, Université Chiekh Anta Diop
Ousmane Kane, Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology
Amadou Coulibaly, Sahel Energie Solaire
Sierra Leone
V. E. M. Strasser-King, Fourah Bay College University
Kamal G. Nathan, Nanyang Technological University
Kim Choon Ng, National University of Singapore
M.H.A. Hawlader, National University of Singapore
President, Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
Ing. Jozef Vrlik, NEAT, s.r.o.
Michail Wild, Energy Centre Bratislava
Jarslav Pokorny, Ministerial Counsello e Ministry of Culture
Robert Blinc, Slovene Academy of Science and Arts
Zofija Kleman-Krek, Secretary General, Slovene National Commission for UNESCO
A. Kornhauser, International Center for Chemical Studies
L. Toplac, University of Maribor
Martin Fronc, Ministry of Education
Ivan Kraus, Comenius University
Daibor Krupa, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Josef Saraz, Research Institute for Processing of Plastic Materials
Emil Bedi, Foundation for Alternative Energy
Bozo Dikic, Institute of Renewable Energy
Peter Novak, University of Ljubljana
Dr. Krainer, University of Ljubljana
South Africa
Michael Dyssel, University of Western Cape
Andreis van der Linde, PE Technikon
Bonai W. Ngqangweni, Port Elizabeth Technikon
W. E. Stumpf, Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa Ltd.
M. Naledi, University of Witwaterstrand
P. D. Tyson, University of Witwaterstrand
Ratnamala Singh, National Research Foundation
Steve Lennon, Eskom Technology Group
Santiago Vega Amodo, Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura
Valeriano Hernandez, SODEAN
Jesus Goiri, Ente Vasco de la Energia
Rafael Moyano, OCICARBON
Michael Ningler, GEP
Fernando S. Sudon, Ministerio de Industria Y Energia
Enrique Tarin, IMPIVA
Santiago Vega, Universty of Valladolid
Christine Heller, Universidad Pontifica a COMILLAS
D. Mariano Rajoy Brey, Ministry of Education and Culture
D. Marcos Lamolda, National Spanish Commission for UNESCO
D. César Nombelo Cano, Consrjo Superior de Investigacions Cientifiques
D. Vicenti Ortega Cano, Consejo de Universidades
Margarita Salas Falgueras, Instituto de España Ministerio de Educación y Cultura
Sri Lanka
Pinath Dias, University of Moratuwa
Tissa Vitarana, Ministry of Science and Technology
Rahula Oliver Barnes Wijesekara, National Science and Technology Commission
H. A. Wimalagunawardhane, Ministry of Science and Technology
Mohammed Sid-Ahmed, Energy Research Institute
Ali El-Tahir Sharaf El-Din, Sudan Atomic Energy Commission
President, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
Tag Elsir Bashir Abdulla, Chairman, Science Commission
Sumaia Mohamed Ahmed Abukashawa, University of Khartoum
Badreldin Omer Elhag Musa, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Yasin Osman Ahmed El Nogomy, University of El Neelain
Farouk Idris Habbani, University of Khartoum
Hassan Mohamed Salih Ali Khiry, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
President, Foundation for a Sustainable Suriname
J. Martinus, Consultant
Gunnar Engstrom, Energy Council Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
Gabrielle Wadden, Swedish Council for Building Research
Hans D. Wennerholm, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
Sandile Ceko, Ministry of Natural Resources
Lydia Makubu, University of Swaziland
Victor Mtetwa, University of Swaziland
Bethuel S. Ndlovu, Inspector of Science
Bert Fredriksson, Director Education International
Kai Inge Hillerud, Royal Swedish Academy
Lars Edvarson, Royal Institute of Technology Library
Brent Ericson, Vice President, Research and Technology
Nils Gunnar, Swedish National Committee for UNESCO
President, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Erling Norby,  Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Magnus Dahlberg, Ministry of Science and Education
Jan S. Nilsson, Wallenberg Foundation
Berit Olsson, Sida/Sarec
David Samuelsson, Ministry of Science and Education
Jean-Remy Alessi, International Standards Association
William Durisch, Paul Scherrer Institute
Pascal van Griethuysen
Vikor Kygurz, Inforenergie
Glen H. Taylor, Capital Group Services S.A.
Bernard Ecoffey, Forum Engelberg
Blanka Vavakova, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Charles Kleiber, State Secretariat on Science and Research
Nicole Biros, World Health Organization
Paola Catapano, CERN-European Laboratory for Particle Physics
Pierre Rossel, Ecole Politechnique Fédéral de Lausanne
Anne-Christine Clouttu Vogel, Académie Suisse des Sciences Naturelles
Henri Philippe Sambuc, World Intellectual Property Organization
Jacques Dos Chali, Ecole Politechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Rumen Bojkov, World Meteorological Organization
President, Economic Commission for EuropeBernard hauck, Université de Lausanne
Ewald Weibel, Foundation Maurice E. Muller
Heidi Diggelmann, National Research Funds for Scientific Research
Nartmut Grassl, Director, World Climate Research Program
Daniel Maselli, Départment Fédéral Affairs Etrangères
Wduard Kiener, Federal Office of Energy
Souheipa Barakji, Aleppo University
Maderos Ara Sayigh, Aleppo University
Mohamed Khalil Sheiki, Ministry of Electricity
Elias Abou Asali, Université de Damas
Madih Omran, Comité de l'Energie Atomique
Salha Sounkor, Ministre de L'Enseignement Supérier
Ilias Abou Assaly, University of Damas
Mohammed Ali Houriet, Université d'Alep

Gennadi N. Petrov, National Energy Holding Barkitojik
Ulmas Mirsaidov, President Academy of Sciences
Ming-Pao Chang, China Technical Consultants Inc.
B.J. Huang, National Taiwan University
Yuan-Hsiung Huang, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Fanghei Tsau, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Su Jong-Ching, National ICSU Committee
Larazo L. Kiriama, Centre for Agriculture Mechanization and Rural Technology
Geoffrey John, University of Dar As Salam
L. D. Kifanga, National Radiation Committee
Said G. Bilal, Ministry of Education Zanzibar
Rogath Thomas Kivaisi, Solar Energy Physics Group
Yadon Kohi, Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology
Titus Mteleka, Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education
Salsi Asso Bendima, Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique
S.C. Bhattacharya, Asian Institute of Technology
Guang Chang Shi, UNESC
Prida Wilbulswas, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology
Kobkeao Akarakupt, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Chirapendh Arthachinta, National Research Council of Thailand
Thongchai Chewprecha, Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology
Sakda Siripant, The Science Society of Thailand
Pairash Thajchayapong, National Science and Technology Development Agency
M. Edee, National Togo Commission for UNESCO
M. Gbeassor, Université du Bénin
Nadou Lawson, National Scientific Research Institute
Pita Taufatofua, Deputy Director, Research and Extension Division
Trinidad and Tobago
Adesh Nanan, Trinidad and Tobago National Commission for UNESCO
Liaquiat Ali Shah, Caribbean Industrial Research Institute
Maureen Manchouck, National Institute of Higher Education
Baldwin Mootoo, University of the West Indies
Bahri Youssef, Ministere de l'Economie Nationale
Abdelmoumen Ferchichi, Direction de l'Utilization Rationnele de l'Energie
Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Chargé de la Recherche Scientifique
Ourn Kalthoum Ben Hassine, Tunisian Association of Women in Science
Abdelaziz Mougou, Ministry of Agriculture
Nicati Arikan, Kos Holding A.S.
Zihni Askoy, Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Kaya Baban, Executive Committee, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
Ayse Elagoz, Mimar Sinan University
Demir Inan, Clean Energy Foundation
Director, Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute
Afif Demirkiran, Turkish Electricity Transmission Company
Gediz Akeniz, Balkin Physical Union, University of Istanbul
M. Sitki Sancar, Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Cigdem Altay, Hacettepe University
Arsin Aydinuraz, Turkish Commission for UNESCO
Ayhan O. Cavdar, Turkish Academy of Sciences
Mehmet Koyuncu, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
Osman Nuri Dogan, Turkish Electricity Distribution
Amansahatov C. Amansahatovich, Spreme Council of Sience and Technics
Kouvandyke Poladov, Turkmenistan National Commission for UNESCO

G. R. Turyahikayo, Ministry of National Resources
J. K. Higenyi, Makerere University
N. M. Nyira Zerubaberi, National Council of Science and Technology
Kakair Francis, Uganda Foundation for Development
Livingston Serwadda Luboobi, Makerere University
Thomas Ntambirwekyi Kangwagye, Makerere University
Elizabeth Byanjeru Rubaihayo, National Agricultural Research Organization
Kakai Francis, Uganda Foundation for Development
United Kingdom
Bob Bailey, March Consulting Group
Peter Bigg, The Petroleum Science and Technology Institute Offshore
Tony Birtles, Building Research Establishment
John Buston, ECOTEC
Bruce Cross, Energy Equipment Testing Service
Cathy Durston, Energy Technology Support Group
Dave Elliott, Network for Alternative Technology
John Evans, The Institute of Petroleum
Paul Freund, IEA Geenhouse Gas R & D Program
Mohammed Gadi, University of Sheffield
Peter Grindley, School of Mechanical Engineering
Michael Grubb, Royal Institute of International Affairs
R.A. Johns, University of Brighton
David Martin, ETSU
Kerr MacGregor, Scottish Solar Energy Group
Gareth Morgan, Architectural Association of Graduate School
Ali Sayigh, WREN
Nick Hall-Stride, ETSU Harwell
John M. Topper, Coal Research Establishment
Mike Trim, Building Research Establishment
Gareth Morgan, NIFES Consulting Group
Gaynor Hartnell, British Wind Energy Association
Mamdouh Salameh, Oil Market Consulting Service
Martin Liddament, University of Warwick Science Park
Michael Waite, University of Portsmouth
M. Williams, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Simon Yannas, Architectural Association of Graduate Schools
Moudar, Zgoul, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Surrey
Ian Byrne, The National Energy Foundation
Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge
Allan Tomkins, AEA Technology
Director, CADDET Centre for Renewable Energy
David Russen, International Council for Scientific and Technical Information
Douglas Parr, Greenpeace UK
Ian Butterworth, Imperial College
Peter Briggs, British Association for the Advancement of Science
Peter Collins, The Royal Society
Peter Colyer, Executive Secretary, Academia European
Timothy Palmer, Europe Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast
John Litt, IEA CADDET Centre for Renewable Energy
Martin Liddament, IEA Infiltration and ventilation Center
Graham Broadbent, IEA Coal Research
Brian Heap, The Royal Society
Chris Llewellyn-Smith, University College London
David Hall, King's College London
Richard Catlow, The Royal Institution
Crispen Tickell, ICSU Advisory Committee on the Environment
Sir Joseph Rotblat, Consultant
Sir Roger Elliott, University of Oxford
Sir Pobert May, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government
Martynenko Vitaly, Researcher
Alexander Volobuyev, Green Help International
Dr. I M. Vishnevsky, Institute for Nuclear Research
Vladislav Nesteron, Ukraine Technology Academy
Serhiy Miakouchko, Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine
Boris Paton, Minister for Science and Technology
Boris Gryn'ov, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology
Ivan Kuras, National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine
V. Machulin, National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine
United Arab Emirates
Hadef Rashid Alowais, U.A.E. University
Bushara Ahmed, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
Prasada Rao Ganti, Consultant
President, Arab Monetary Fund
Fuad Abul Fotuh, Skylight Corporation
Rodger Bannister, Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Richard Blienden, United Solar Systems Corp.
John Byrne, Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy
Sun W. Chun, Pittsburg Energy Technology Centre
Alfredo Comolli, Hydrocarbon Technologies Inc.
J. Cooke, College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Scott Cowley, Colorado School of Mines
Ghazi Darkazalli, Spire Corporation
Roger Gale, Washington International Energy Group
Yogi Goswami, University of Florida
David Gray, Mitre Corporation
Hal Harvey, The Energy Foundation
Bill Hederman, IEA International Centre for Gas Technology
Stephen Jrado, Pennsylvania State University
Peter Meisen, Global Energy Network International
Ali Mansoori, University of Illinois
Jay Mc Crensky, International Private Energy Association
Tony Min, North Carolina A & T State University
Dennis O'Brien, US Association for Energy Economics
Olurunfemi Ojo, Tenenesse Technological University
Henry Plancher, University of Kentucky
Ruth Reck, Argonne National Lab
Ram Shah, University of Kentucky
Larry Sherwood, American Solar Energy association
Nejet Veziroglu, Clean Energy Research Institute
William Wallace, NREL
David Warner, US-IEA Cadett Renewable Energy Centre NREL
Chenn Q. Zhou, Purdue University
President, Solar Energy Association of Oregon
Dick Schmeal, Chemicals Petroleum and Natural Gas Center
K. C. Golden, Energy Policy Group
Tony Melink, East Central Regional Manager
Chair, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Director, Residential Technology Center
Director, Lighting Information Office
Director, Water Heating Information Office
Director, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Director, Independent Energy
Abraham Hertzberg, University of Washington
Anthony Janetos, World Research Institute
Bruce Alberts, National Academy of Sciences
Chan J. Joshi, University of California, Los Angeles
Donald Quass, University of Minnesota, College of Agriculture
Gary P. Weiderrecht, Argonne National Laboratory, Chemistry Division
Gregory L. Dilworth, Division of Energy Bioscience, DOE
Hans A. Schuessler, Texas A&M University
Henryk Temkin, Colorado State University
Ismail Serageldin, World Bank
Michael Robinson, University of Texas
Jane Lubchenco, American Association for the Advancement of Science
John P. Campbell, National Academy of Sciences
John Rumble, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Karl A. Gschneide, Ames Laboratory
Lauritz Holm-Neilson, World Bank
Leslie Bromberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patricia Morse, International Union of Biological Science
Mark Frankel, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Max H. Sherman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Michael Tomkiewicz, Brooklyn College of City University of New York
Michael R. Seal, Western Washington University, Engineering
Molly Teas, American Academy for the Advancement of Science
Moshe Rosen, John Hopkins University
Neal Lane, Office of Science and Technology
Paul K. T. Liu, Media and Process Technology Inc.
Reed Jensen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Richard M. Bionta, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Robert T. Watson, World Bank
Suzanne Brainard, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Thomas K. Hunt, Advanced Modular Power Systems Inc.
Walter M. Polansky, U.S. Department of Energy
Yolanda George, OFAN Representative
Z. M. Sarwar Jahangir, Bangladesh Chemical and Biological Society
General Manager, OECD Washington Center
Bill Hederson, Gas Research Institute
Bruce Alberts, National Academy of Sciences
Dariush Arasteh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
David Anderson, Geothermal Resources Council
David Haak, Selee Corporation
David M. Rigney, EPRI, Western Regional Manager
David Ringhausen, EPRI, South Central Regional Manager
David Vaughan Davidson, International Foundation for Environmentally, Socially Sustainable Development
Donald Littlefield, Total Waste Management
Michael Southwick, Department of State
F. Sherwood Rowland, National Academy of Sciences
Gene Thomas, Exxon Company
Greg Lewis, Mitchell E&D Corp.
Hank Werksman, North Central Regional Manager
Hiroki Morita-Lou, Department for Economic and Social Affairs
Jaesok Ryu, Aspen Systems Inc.
James Vary, Director IITAP
Jean-Paul Gouffray, Carolina Energy Office
John Boright, National Research Council
Johnny Lohson, The Pritchard Corp.
Thomas Feldman Jr., Thermal Electric Devices Inc.
Kevin Miller, Enron Operations Corporation
King Tsai Jeng, Lynntech Inc.
Larry L. Swette, Giner Inc.
Les Harry, Southeast Regional Manager,EPRI
Lewis M. Frans, JX Crystals One
M. R. C. Greenwood, University of California
Marek Samotyj, Acting PEAC Manager
Michael Crawford, World Bank
Michael Lantin, World Bank
Nacmi Orbeck, Colorado Interstate Gas Co.
Ron Shifett, International Utility Efficiency Partnerships
Sander Csallany, American Institute of Hydrology
Scott Sklar, National Bioenergy Industries Association
Steve Wharry, Phillipos Petroleum
Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Leadership for Environment and Development
Elizabeth Buffum, DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Jasemine Chambers, Executive Office of the President
Linda Merribel Ayers, National Independent Energy Producers
Maxine Singer, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Nora H. Sabeli, National Science Foundation
Shirley Malcolm, Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs
President, Solar Energy International
President, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
President, Florida Solar Energy Center
President, Passive Solar Energy Industries Council
President, Cogeneration Institute of the Association of Energy Engineers
President, International Cogeneration Society
President, American Gas Association
President, National Petroleum Council
K. Sen, Harvard University
F. Sherwood Rowland, National Research Council
N. Choucri, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Theodore J. Lowi, Cornell University
Brooke C. Holmes, Department of State
Leon Lerderman, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Byard D. Wood, Arizona State University
Valery Kharchenko, CAEAG-European Commission
Kadyr Gulamov, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
Guzal Abdullaeva, Uzbek World Languages University
T. Djuraev, Academy of Sciences
Alisher Ikramov, National Commission for UNESCO

Francisco Gutierrez, Consultant
Pedro A. Torres-Rivero Valenotti, TracySca-HT
Ignacio Avalos, Consultor
Eduardo Gonzalez Jimenez, Consejo Nacional Investigaciones Cientificas y Technologies
Vladimoro Mujica, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Edigo Romano, Instituto Venezolan de Investigaciones Ccientificas
Tran Xuan Hoaj, National Centre for Scientific Research
Pham Vu Quat, Hydrometeorogical Service of Vietnam
Nguyen Tien Nguyen, Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission
Pham Quang Tho, Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO
Dang Thi Cam Ha, National Center for Natural Science and Technology
Hoang Van Huay, Ministry of Technology and Environment
Dang Huu, Chairman of the Commission for Science and Education


Abdul Rahman Al-Zubeiry, Taiz University
Adbullah Awad Ba-Issa Sana'a University
Moustapha Bahran, Yemeni Scientific Research Foundation
Prem C. Jain, University of Zambia
J.M. Mwenechanya, University of Zambia
S. C. Banda, National Council for Scientific Research
Felicitas M. Chinanda, Zambia national Commission for UNESCO
Charles C. K. Mwamba, National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research
Davidson Theo, University of Zambia

Garai B. Makokoro, Scientific & Industrial Research & Development Centre
Maxwell Muyambo, Energy Technology Institute
Francis Gudyanga, Research Council of Zimbabwe
Johannes Tonderayi Chigwada, Ministry of Transport and Energy

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