ENERGEX'2000 and the Global Energy Exposition introduces


Riviera Hotel Convention Center


JULY 23-28, 2000

ENERGEX'2000, the 8th International Energy forum and the official Conference of the International Energy Foundation, will be held in cooperation with the Global Energy Exposition produced by the Nevada Test Site Corporation, Las Vegas. The partnership between ENERGEX'2000 and the Global Energy Exposition amplifies the conference theme and also lays the groundwork for the establishment of the IEF Americas headquarters in Nevada. The above combined events, known as GlobeEx'2000, will be held at the Riveria Hotel Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 23-28, 2000. Registration at ENERGEX'2000 ensures that delegates will be able to attend all of the combined sessions at no additional cost plus the technical sessions of the Intersociety Energy Conversion Conference co-located at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center.

The ENERGEX program consists of an international forum for the discussion and presentation of energy research papers. ENERGEX is convened by the International Energy Foundation, which has recently moved its Americas Headquarters to Las Vegas. We are marketing both events as one conference. One registration allows attendees to cross over and take advantage of sessions in either conference. In addition, joint plenary sessions will be held as well as keynote addresses. All dining events will be held as one group.

Invited Speakers at GlobeEx'2000 (comprised of the joint ENERGEX'2000 and the Global Energy Exposition) include:

The theme of ENERGEX'2000 and GlobeEx'2000 is

"Energy and International Cooperations Coordination and Communication - The Beginning of a New Millennium".

Hosted by:

Nevada Test Site Development Coporation
International Energy Foundation

Endorsed by:

U.S. Department of Energy

ENERGEX'2000 - Table Of Contents

ENERGEX'2000 Highlights Co-chairpersons
Plenary Speakers Potential ENERGEX'2000 Topics
Block Coordinators Official Call for Papers
Registration Information and Abstract Submission Form
Proceedings Workshop
Deadline Accommodation
Sponsors Exhibition
News Releases State of the Art Energy 2000

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The International Energy Foundation's 8th International Energy Forum - ENERGEX'2000 - co-locating with GlobeEx - The Global Energy Exposition in Las Vegas, July 23-28, 2000, is entertaining a wide-range of presentations from all sectors of the energy industry for their technical sessions. You are invited to share your research, field experience, case studies, and new technologies with your colleagues and a host of national and international delegates representing over 70 countries, both in private and public sectors. You may choose to present your paper as part of ENERGEX'2000, or participate in the poster session sponsored by GlobeEx - the Global Energy Exposition and the University and Community College System of Nevada. Delegates will receive the proceedings of full papers as part of their registration. Presenters, block coordinators, authors and session chairs will receive a discount rate on registration.


Oral presentation abstracts: The abstract, one page, typed, single-spaced, in English should include a cover page with: Send Presentation Abstracts to only one of the following:

Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou			
Purdue University Calumet		
Department of Engineering		
Hammond, IN 46323, U.S.A.		
Tel: 219-989-2665			
Fax:  989-2898				
E-mail:  qzhou@calumet.purdue.edu
Dr. Brian M. Golchert
Energy Systems Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Argonne, IL 60439-4815, U.S.A.
Tel:  630-252-6518
Fax:  252-5210
E-mail:  bgolchert@anl.gov

            MARCH 30, 2000 - FINAL PAPERS DUE.
Authors whose papers are accepted on the basis of the abstracts should provide both an electronic file and camera-ready copy of their paper by March 30, 2000 for publication in the conference proceedings. Several papers will be selected for publication in energy-related peer-reviewed jounals.

Marketing presentations for specific products or services will not be accepted.

Poster abstracts: The abstract, one page typed, single-spaced, in English should include a cover page with:

Send Poster Abstracts to:

Mrs. Ellen Jacobson
Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering - 199
University and Community College System of Nevada
Reno, NV 89509 U.S.A.
E-mail:  jacobsoe@admin.unr.edu

            MARCH 30, 2000 - POSTERS DUE.
Authors whose posters are accepted on the basis of the abstracts should deliver posters to the Riviera Hotel & Conference Center on Monday, July 24. Posters to fit within a 3.5 ft. x 3.5 ft. area (1.06m x 1.06m).

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The technical program will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, July 24, 25, 26, and 27. It is intended to run six parallel sessions with 200 oral presentations of 20 minutes each (15 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions and answers). Poster presentations will be incorporated on the trade show floor with published times for discussions with authors.


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(as of June 11, 1999)

International Co-Chairs

National Co-Chairs

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The following have been confirmed as of May 25, 2000.

Renewable Energy: Admiral Richard Truly, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA with introduction by Charles Gay, President and CEO, ASE Americas Inc., U.S.A.

Clean Coal Technology: General Richard Lawson, Head, National Mining Association, U.S.A. with introduction by Rita Bajura, Director, Federal Energy Techonology Centre and Carl Bozzuto, Vice President, ABB Power Plant Technologies, U.S.A.

Nuclear Energy: Kun Mo Chung, Chairman, International Nuclear Energy Academy and Atomic Energy Commissioner, former Minister of Science and Technology, Korea with introduction by Dr. Robert J. Eagan, Vice President, Energy Information and Infrastructure, Surety Divison, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S.A.

Energy and Economics:Mr. Jean-Marie bourdaire, Director, Totalfina-Elf, France, with introduction by Dennis O'Brien, Director, Institute for Energy Economics and Policy, University of Oklahoma, Official Advisor and Observer APEC Energy Ministers Meetings, U.S.A.

Energy Efficiency: Lise Brousseau, Executive Director, AQME, Canada introduced by Howard Geller, Executive Director, American Council for an Energy Efficiet Economy, U.S.A.

Energy and Environment: Tim Mackay, Executive Director, Resources and Energy Group, Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Australia introduced by George Davies, President and CEO, Hagler Bailly Canada, Canada

Greenhouse Gases: John Clarke, Chief Scientist, Battelle Global Technology Strategy Project, introduced by Mr. Ramm Narula, Principal Vice President, Bechtel Power Corporation, U.S.A.

Oil and Gas: Rene Ortiz, former Minister of Energy, Ecuador and formerly Secretary General OPEC, introduced by Dr. William F. Lawson, Director, National Petroleum Technology Office, U.S.A.

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National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United States Department of Energy, Los Almos National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Federal Energy Techonology Centre, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Purdue Universty Calumet, AQME, ABB Power Plant Technologies, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Department of Primary Industries and Energy (Australia), U.S. Department of Energy, Saskatchewan Department Energy and Mines, University of Regina, ASE Americans Inc., James and James Publishers, Taylor and Francis Publishers, Purdue University, Texas A&M University, Solar Electric Light Fund, Geothermal Resources Council, National Hydrogen Association, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Institute for Sustainable Power Inc., German Aerospace Research Establishment, Hagler Bailly (Canada), Universidade International SEK, Kenyetta University (Kenya), Caribbean Development Bank (Barbados), Transactions CSME, Polish Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, International Association of Hydrogen Energy, German Hydrogen Association, NEAT New Energy Alternative s.r.o., IEA Caddet Renewable Energy Technologies, International Scientists Association, Euro-Arab Cooperation Centre (Egypt), Sherwood Credit Union, National Mining Association, Pacific Northwest Laboratory and Curtin University of Technology.

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(as of May 25, 2000)

The block coordinators are responsible for organizing session chairs. The Chairs in turn, on behalf of the organizing committee, extend invitations to a limited number of speakers based on their national and/or international expertise in one or more energy areas defined below.

Recycling and Waste Management: Dr. Caijun Shi, CJS Consulting
Photovoltaics: Dr. Larry Kazmerski, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Solar Rural Electrification: Robert Freling, Solar Electric Light Fund
Biomass: Ralph Overend, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Geothermal: Ted Clutter, Geothermal Resource Council
Hydrogen: J. Keller, Sandia National Laboratories
Fuel Cells: David Haberman, DCH Technology Inc.
Renewable Energies: Cecile Warner, Centre for Renewable Energy Resources, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Solar Electric Tower: Bernhard Milow, German Aerospace Research Establishment
Wind: Toma Hentea, Engineering Department, Purdue University Calumet
Oil Refining: Michael Petrick, Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Gas: Jay Gore, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Oil Recovery: Rafiqul Islam, Petroleum Systems Engineering, University of Regina
Nuclear Energy: Yassin A. Hassan, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University
Conservation and Efficiency: Peter H. Salmon-Cox, Office of Industrial Technologies, US-DOE
Environmental Controls: L.G. Neal
Global Warming: Dr. S.H. Chan, President, Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan
Environmental Impact:Wayne Hardie, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Environmetal Management:Gordon Huang, Environmental Systems Engineering, University of Regina
Clean Coal Technologies:Charles E. Schmidt, Federal Energy Technology Centre
Energy Sustainability: Mark Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Power Inc.
International Law and Energy:Professor Adrian Bradbrook, Faculty of Law, University of Adelaide
Risk Assessment: Greg Wyss, Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Modeling: Arnie Baker, Sandia National Laboratories
Deregulation and Transmission and Distribution: Marge Tatro, Sandia National Laboratories
Education: Dong-lee Zhang, Curtin University of Technology
Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications: Shen-Lin Chang, Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration: Dr. Thomas Grahame, US-Department of Energy

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All participants should register before May 1, 2000. The full registration fee for delegates prior to May 1st is $495.00: authors, block coordinators, workshop leaders, and session chairs registration fee is $450.00. Full registration fees for delegates, block coordinators, workshop leaders, session chairs, and authors include evening reception, banquet, three luncheons, three breakfasts, proceedings, admission to technical sessions, trade exhibition, opening ceremonies and plenary sessions. After May 1st the registration fee will be $595.00. A complete registration kit will be sent to all delegates several months prior to Energex'2000. Registration with Energex'2000 allows delegates to attend, without additional costs, the technical sessions of the Intersociety Energy Conference co-located with Energex '2000 and GlobeEx'2000.

Special student registration fee, with proof of student status, of $25.00. This entitles the student to go to the technical sessions, plenary sessions, and panel discussions.

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A series of practical technical workshops are being planned. These include PV Manufacturing Methods by Edwin Witt, Project Leader, National Center for Photovoltaics, NREL; PV Applications by Charles Gay, President and CEO, ASE Americas Inc.; Enhanced Oil Recovery by Rafiqul Islam, NRCan Professor, University of Regina; Concentrating Solar Thermal Electric Power Systems by Greg Kolb, Sandia National Laboratories. Refer to the GlobeEx'2000 website for details.

A nominal fee of $50.00 will be charged for these workshops.

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Each registered delegate will receive a copy of the proceedings. A selected number of papers will also be recommended for inclusion in the refereed journals Petroleum Engineering Science and Energy Sources. Authors will be sent details based on acceptance of abstract after February 28, 2000. Full papers are due March 30, 2000.

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Based on the final Resolutions at ENERGEX'98 the Block Coordinators have been invited to submit a special 20 page state of the art overview. These contributions will then be published by an international publishing firm in a special edition book, Energy: The State of the Art 2000, independent of the ENERGEX'2000 formal proceedings. This special edition book will be available for sale on site. A special reduced price will be set for purchase by the delegates.


Ms. Miriam Balaban
International Science Service
2211 N. Berkshire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Tel: 804-296-1405
Fax: 804-296-1096
E-mail: stramak@aol.com
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Convenient hotel arrangements may be made by contacting the official hotel:
The Riviera Hotel
2901 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Tel: 800-634-6753
or 702-794-9451
Fax: 702-794-9410
E-mail: room_reservation@theriviera.com
Website: www.theriviera.com

Be sure to mention GlobeEx'2000 for your special room rate of $76.00 per night.

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Abstracts are due by February 15, 2000
Authors will be notified by February 28, 2000
Full papers are due March 30, 2000

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Book your space now.


Mr. Bill Marion
2330 Parseo Del Prado, C101
Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
Tel: 702-317-0777
Fax: 702-257-7999
E-mail: wemarion@hotmail.com

General Inquiries

Write to:
Ms. Susanne Ulrich
2330 Parseo Del Prado, C101
Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
Tel: 702-317-0777
Fax: 702-257-7999
E-mail: sulrich@ntsdev.com


Ms. Cheryl Lydon
2330 Parseo Del Prado, C101
Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
Tel: 702-317-0777
Fax: 702-257-7999
E-mail: clydon@ntsdev.com

Exhibitors included Manufacturers and Distributors, Biomass, Biofuels, Chillers, Fuel Cells and Storage, Geothermal, Hybrid Systems, Heat Recovery, Photovoltaics, Small Hydro Power, Solar Rural Electrification, Sustainable Transport, Waste to Energy, Wind, Consultants, Contractors, International Energy Pavilions, National Laboratories, University Research, Venture Capital, Green Finance.

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