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Energy and Housing Report

An international newsletter covering all areas and aspects of renewable energies.
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International Law and Energy

ACEL is a joint centre of the faculties of Law at the University of Adelaide, the University of Sidney and the Australian National University (Canberra). It was established in 1991 with the mission of furthering teaching and research in all aspects of domestic and international environmental law, including energy law and policy. The subjects "Energy and Law", "International Energy Law", and " Minerals and Energy Law" are taught at regular intervals at both Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and Master of Laws (LL.M) levels. The centre is funded by the host institutions and by periodic grants from the Commonwealth government.

	Australian Centre for Environmental Law (Adelaide)
	Prof. Adrian Bradbrook
	Faculty of Law
	University of Aldelaide
	Adelaide, South Australia 5005
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The Solar Letter

An international newsletter on residential energy conservation and consumption trends.

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Global Warming Today

These two daily publications are the official daily news summaries for the IEF. For a free 10 day trial subscription contact Mr. Frank Metzger at 1-800-726-6898 or by email: To submit news items send the information directly to the Editor, Mr. Lou King, Fax 703-683-3893 or by email @ These daily news letters reach 8000 subscribers including NREL, NASA, NRCan, World Bank, 3M, Union Carbide EPA, ARCO and more.

Petroleum Technology Research Centre Inc. (PTRC)

The PTRC, which was incorporated in October 1998, is a non-profit petroleum research and developemnt corporation located in Regina, Saskatchewan. The PRTC brings a fresh approach to finding, developing and applying innovative technologies and engineering solutions for the petroleum section. It is a collaborative initiative of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Saskatchewan Energy and Mines (SEM), the University of Regina and the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC). The PTRC has financial support from the federal and provincial governments to sponsor research and development projects and will augment this with industry funding. The Engineering Faculty of the University of Regina and the Petroleum Branch of the SRC will undertake the research and development projects funded through the PTRC. The PTRC is located in a new 60,000 square foot, dedicated facility at the University of Regina Research Park. The major research areas are: enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques applicable to currently marginal reservoirs; description and understanding of reservoir phenomena; production problems such as well-bore plugging, corrosion and emulsion treatment.

	Petroleum Technology Research Centre
	6 Research Drive
	Regina, Saskatchewan
	Canada S4S 7J7
		Tel: 306-787-8290
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PV Energy Systems, Inc.

Consulting and Information on all aspects of PV

	Paul Maycock
	4539 Old Aubrun Road
	Warrenton, VA
	USA 20187
		Tel: 540-349-4497
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Russian National Symposium on
Power Engineering

The third International Symposium on Energy, Environment and Economics was held in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan between the 10th and the 14th of September, 2001.The International Energy Foundation together with Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian and Tatarstan Academies of Sciences, Kazan State Power Engineering University, Department of Power Engineering of the Kazan Scientific Center, Power Engineering Company, and the Clean Energy Research Institute assisted in the success of this international scientific event. The symposium hosted 408 participants and these delegates presented 372 papers. The delegates came from 55 cities in 11 countries. The proceedings, a total of 2396 pages, were published in seven volumes-five in Russian and two in English. In attendance were full and corresponding members of the Russian and Tatarstan Academies of Sciences, leading scientists from universities and research institutions, executives of Russia's JSC UES, executives from power supply companies, industrial enterprises and power industry and honoured guests.

The delegates discussed the final resolutions and unanimously agreed to the following;

1.Evaluate on a continuous basis the topics and trends of promising theoretical and applied research results in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors of one's economy.
2.Expand the scope of principal fields of research in power engineering and to continue applying a systems approach to challenges and opportunities related to energy, environment and economics.
3.Enhance and strengthen the application of basic research within the power industry.
4.Expand the quantity and quality of applied research in energy conservation and efficiency on the basis of cutting-edge investigations.
5.Develop direct contacts with the International Energy Association with the expressed objective of creating joint research projects in theoretical and applied fields on the basis of cooperation, coordination and communication and the extension of this partnership with other international scientific organizations in the world community.
6.Commence with discussions with federal authorities, industrial and business executives and various national and international academies of sciences the development of prizes for outstanding energy research achievements in areas such as theoretical and applied energetics (including heat exchanges), energy conservation and efficient utilization of oil, gas, coal and renewable energies, the economics of the power industry and the rational use of natural resources.
7.Create a permanent web-site for the symposium.
8.Recommend a number of symposium papers for consideration for publication in international peer reviewed journals.

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