Regional headquarters established as of December 20, 2001 are given below.

Central Europe: 
	Dr. Stanislaw M. Pietruszko
	President, IEF Central Europe Regional Headquarters
	Warsaw University of Technology
	Department of Electronics and Information Technology
	Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
	IMIO PW, Koszykowa 75
	PL-00-662 Warsaw, Poland
		Tel: 48-22-660-7782 or 682-8740
		Fax:  48-22-660-7782 or 682-8740

Eastern Europe: 	
        Dr. Mikhail I. Osipov
	President, IEF Eastern Europe Regional Headquarters
	Bowman Moscow State Technical University
	Head, Dept. of Gas Turbine and non Traditional Power Plants
	Power Engineering Faculty
	2nd Baumanskaya str. 5
	Moscow  107005, Russia
		Tel:  7-95-263-6844 and 7-95-263-6033
		Fax:  7-95-263-6877

Western Europe: 	
        Dr. Raimundo Gonzalez
	President, IEF Western Europe Regional Headquarters
	C/O Censolar
	Parque Industrial PISA
	C/ Comercio, 12
	41927 Mairena del Aljarafe
	Sevilla, Spain
		Tel:  (34) 954 186 200
		Fax:  (34) 954 186 111

Middle East:	
        Dr. W.E.  Alnaser
	President, IEF Middle East Regional Headquarters
	C/O  University of Bahrain
	Dean, College of Science
	P.O. Box 32038
	Isa Town, Bahrain
		Tel:  973-782303/782381/782300
		Cell: 973-9680011
		Fax:  973-682582

West Africa: 
        Mr. Kolawole O. Adeniji
	President, IEF West Africa Regional Headquarters
	C/O Organization of African Unity
        Executive Secretary AOU/STRC
	26/28 Marina, NPA Building 4th Floor
	P.M.B. 2359 Marina
	Post Code 101231
	Lagos, Nigeria
		Tel:  234-1-2633752 or 2633430
		Fax:  (234)-1-2636093

Northern Africa:	
        Dr. Salah M. El-Hagger
	President, IEF North African Regional Headquarters
	Energy and Environment
	Engineering Department
	The American University in Cairo
	113 Kasr El Aine Street
	P.O. Box 2511
	Cairo, Egypt
        Dr. Takeo S. Saitoh
	President, IEF Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarters
	C/O  School of Aeronautics and Space Engineering
	Tohoku University
	Sendai  980-8579
		Tel:  81-22-217-6974  
		Fax:  81-22-217-6975

South Asia:	
        Dr. Koon Ong Lim
	President, IEF South Asia Regional Headquarters
	C/O  Universiti Sains Malaysia
	Chairman, Engineering Physics Program
	School of Physics
	Universiti Sains Malaysia
	11800 USM Penang
		Tel:  604-657 7888 ext 4111
		Fax:  604-657 9150

South America:	
        Eng. Carlos A. Garcia Ebbens
	President, IEF South American Regional Headquarters
	C/O  National Technical University
	Director, Research and Development Energy and Environmental Centre
	Facultad Regional Delta
	San Martin 1171
	2804 Campana, Pica of Buenos Aires
		Tel: 54-3489-42-0400/54-3489-422496-111
		Fax: 54-3489-420400/54-3489-422496

        Dr. Jean Dixon
	President, IEF Caribbean Regional Headquarters
	Executive Director
	C/O National Scientific Research Council
	P.O. Box 350
	Kingston 6, Jamaica
	West Indies
		Tel:  927-1771-4 or 977-2189-91
		Fax:  997-1840

Southern Africa:		
        Dr. Kevin F. Bennett
	President, IEF Southern Africa Regional Headquarters
	Director, Energy Research Institute
	University of Cape Town
	Private Bag Rondebosch 7701
	Cape Town
	South Africa
		Tel:   (021) 650-3892
		Cell:  (082) 466-8806
		Fax:   (021) 686-4838

	Dr. A. M. Vassallo
	President, IEF Australia Regional Headquarters
	Division of Coal and Energy Technology
	Mineral Research Laboratory
	51 Delhi Road
	P.O. Box 136
	North Ryde NSW 2113

Central America:

	Sra. Tatiana Lascaris Comneno
	President, IEF Central America Regional Headquarters
	Research Vice President
	Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
	Apartado 086-3000
	San José
	Costa Rica
		Tel: 506-272 3418
		Fax: 506-237-6465
		Cell: 506-383-9330

East Africa:
	Mr. Johannes Tonderagi Chigwada
	President, IEF East African Regional Headquarters
	Acting Director of Energy
	Department of Energy
	6 Shipley Close Avonlea 
	P. Bag 7758
	Causeway, Harare
		Tel: 792075
		Cell: 011217801
		Fax: 703326

	2330 Paseo del Prado, Suite C-101
	Las Vegas, Nevada
	USA 89102
		Tel:  1-702-527-7900
		Fax:  1-702-257-7999
		E-mail: or

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