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HAP (Horticultural Award Program) HAP forms(Word)    HAP forms(PDF)    
Est. April 1993

  1. Purpose
    1. To recognize outstanding achievement in the growing and propagating of aquatic plants.
    2. To gather information and knowledge of aquatic plants and their requirements, with the additional bonus of having more beautiful aquariums and inhabitants.
    3. To identify new aquatic plants species and to determine conditions necessary to their care in the aquarium.
    4. To establish a permanent record of aquatic plant species maintained by club members.

  2. General Rules
    1. Plants reproduced must conform with the following definition of an aquatic plant:
    2. Aquatic plants are water plants or bog plants either with flowers produced underwater, floating on the surface, or partly growing above the surface.
    3. Plants are to be identified. (A good book for identification is the Encyclopedia of Water Plants by Dr. Jiri Stodola).
    4. There will be six levels of achievement, each with predetermined point and task criteria assigned to it.
    5. These levels of achievement shall be:
      1. Novice Aquatic Horticulturist
      2. Advanced Aquatic Horticulturist
      3. Senior Aquatic Horticulturist
      4. Expert Aquatic Horticulturist
      5. Master Aquatic Horticulturist
      6. Grand Master Aquatic Horticulturist
    6. Points shall be accumulative, on individual or family basis.
    7. Credit for propagation or flowering plants will be given only once.
    8. Confirmation and verification of all submissions shall be conducted and recorded by the H.A.P. chairman or a designated member.
    9. A report form must be filled out and submitted for verification in order for the designated points to be awarded. Official report forms will be supplied by the H.A.P. chairman.
    10. Points awarded in a Horticulture Award Program with another aquarium society may be transferred to this program if sufficient documentation is supplied to the Horticulture Award Program committee. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain the requested documentation. Points awarded for these propagating will be in accordance with the current R.A.S. point system at the time of transfer.
    11. Participants yearly plant submissions and total points may be published in our newsletter "Fins And Friends". Total point standing will be officially recorded by the H.A.P. chairman.
    12. All participants agree to abide by the H.A.P. chairman's ruling in all matters pertaining to point designation. Any discrepancy must be submitted, in writing, to the executive, and will be dealt with at the next business meeting.
    13. For future recognition of plants, contact the H.A.P. chairman for F.A.A.S. or C.A.O.A.C. Horticulture award program forms.
    14. Propagation is defined as follows:
    15. Designated points shall be awarded for floating plants when the number of plants has doubled.
      Points shall be awarded for bunch and grass type plants when either the rout count or the actual amount of plant growth has doubled.
      Points shall be awarded for propagated by root division runner when the youth plant is capable of supporting itself. The young plant must be attached to the parent plant for confirmation and growing on its own for verification.
    16. Flowering (Class E) shall be verified only when in full bloom.
    17. Seeds (Class F) shall be verified when the seeds have been collected and moved to a separate container.
    18. Growing seeds (Class G) shall be confirmed when the seeds have sprouted and verified when the plants reach the 4-leaf stage.

  3. Awards
    1. Upon Meeting all the requirements for each level of achievement, the participant will be awarded an "OFFICIAL" Regina Aquarium Society seal, which will be affixed to the H.A.P. Certificate and signed by the H.A.P. chairman.
    2. All awards shall be presented as soon as possible after the participant qualifies for each level. The award will be presented at a general membership meeting.
    3. The presentation of all awards shall be published in the R.A.S. official newsletter "FINS AND FRIENDS".

  4. Program Changes
    1. Any and all changes to this program as presented herein shall not take effect until approved at a meeting open to the general membership of the Regina Aquarium Society.

  5. Point Requirments
    1. Novice Aquatic Horticulturist
      • 30 Points from Class A or Class B.
    2. Advanced Aquatic Horticulturist
      • 100 points (an additional 70 points).
      • A minimum of 30 points must be from class C or class D.
      • One article on plants.
    3. Senior Aquatic Horticulturist
      • 200 points (an additional 100 points),
      • 8 species from class B, C or D.
      • Must have at least 2 class C, 2 Class D and 1 Class E.
      • One additional article on plants.
    4. Expert Aquatic Horticulturist
      • 300 points (an additional 100 points).
      • 15 species from class B, C or D.
      • Must have at least 2 Class E and 1 Class F.
      • One additional article on plants.
    5. Master Aquatic Horticulturist
      • 450 points (an additional 150 points).
      • Must have at least 3 Class F.
      • 2 additional articles.
      • 1 Club presentation.
    6. Grand Master Aquatic Horticulturist
      • 700 points (an additional 250 points).
      • Must have at least 4 Class F, 4 Class E and 1 Class G.
      • 3 additional articles.
      • 2 club presentations or 2 photo essays (5 photos with at least 500 words).