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The Registry
The sky is the limit here! Your sitting at home thinking of that species you'd like to add to the fish/plant room. You ask yourself, I wonder if someone within the club has the species? Maybe they have some they'd like to sell? Or maybe, if they know I'm interested, they could save me a few fry the next time they spawn? Or do I just say to heck with it and go to the local petstore and order them? What about that time you thought, I'd really like to bring in something new to the club, but what's new? Does anyone within the club have this species? What if there was a "registry" that you could check to see who had what?

Email Registration
Register your email address so that other club members could find and Email you if they like. This could even be taken one step farther, submit info about yourself. What your aquatic interests are, what you've spawned, how many BAP or HAP Award points you have, anything!

Fins & Friends
An electronic version(PDF) of the Fins & Friends could be downloaded here.

Let's talk Fish
How about a discussion forum? Post your question or ask one if you don't have the answer?

I'm sure you can come up with your own ideas, but these are just a few I came up with. Unfortunately, our current Internet Service Provider does not support most of the technologies needed to make these pages reality.
If you would like to see this and other parts of the website become more interactive, or, you would like to see it stay as it is and we don't need all this hoopla, contact a member of the executive and let them know.