Regina Aquarium Society
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Join us!
Are you interested in raising and exhibiting various freshwater and marine fish, plants, and other aquatic life? We can help you. We want to share our interests and knowledge with you!
Monthly meetings are held on Sundays, generally, the third Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm(Calendar of events.)
Meet us at the North East Community Center, 160 Broad Street(connected to the back of Imperial Elementary school.)
Anyone interested in fish and aquaria may join! All ages and levels of interest welcome. We encourage Family memberships. The aquarium hobby is an activity well suited to the whole family. Attend meetings and make it a family outing!
  • Review an informative newsletter with Society news and articles about various aspects of the hobby.
  • Extensive Club library(includes books and videos) exclusively for members use.
  • Large collection of newsletters from other clubs in North America available for loan to members.
  • The Breeders Award program encourages you to learn more about your fish(check out the link for more info)
  • The Horticultural Award program encourages you to learn more about growing and propogating plants.
  • Have access to unusual fish or plants not found in your local pet stores!
  • Learn from other members about fish species not found in books yet.
  • Keep more money from your sales at Giant auctions!
  • Membership Advantages
  • Participate in our Educational programs about fish breeding, diseases, plants, equipment review and use, making equipment and many other topics.
  • Visit with other people in the hobby and talk fish...or plants!
  • Participate in our members-only monthly auction-bring your extras or buy something you need.
  • Particpate in and look at our monthly jar shows.
  • Get a chance to win one of our monthly draws!

  • Live out of town?
    Become a corresponding member:receive our newsletter and drop in on a meeting when you can.

  • Junior membership $10.00/year
  • Adult membership $20.00/year
  • Family membership $25.00/year
  • Correspondence membership $15.00/year

  • How do I become a member?
  • Membership are sold at all monthly meetings. Simply come to the next scheduled meeting and sign up.
  • Click here, print and return the completed application with your selected method of payment.

  • For more information, contact:
  • Lyle Buzash 543-7001
  • Dave Claude 789-8530
  • Greg Mallet 781-4444
  • Tracey Hardy 585-7279