The Regina Chinese Canadian Association is an autonomous non-profit, non partisan and non-religious organization and shall strictly adhere to the democratic principles and practices in executing all association matters.


The objectives are as follows:


1.                  To create an environment in which closer association of all Chinese Canadians are developed and promoted.

2.                  To encourage full and equal participation by Chinese Canadians in the cultural, social, economic and political life of Canada.

3.                  To encourage and develop in persons of Chinese descent a desire to know and respect their historical and cultural heritage, and to educate them to adopt a creative and positive attitude towards the Chinese Canadian contribution to the Canadian mosaic.

4.                  To promote and safeguard the rights of all individuals, in particular those of Chinese Canadians under the Canadian Chart of Rights and Freedoms.

5.                  To promote understanding and cooperation between Chinese Canadians and all other ethnic and cultural groups and the three levels of government.