amended June 13, 2004







1.       BOY SCOUTS OF CANADA is a youth serving organization in the field of recreation and education.  Its purpose is to enable Canadian youth to be actively involved in a Scouting environment of fun, fellowship and achievement so as to help develop current generations better able to meet the challenge of the future.


2.       BOY SCOUTS OF CANADA was incorporated on June 12, 1914, by an act of Parliament of Canada, and the affairs of Boy Scouts of Canada are administered and managed by the National Council established pursuant to by-laws.


3.       A booklet entitled “By-Laws, Policies and Procedures”, BOY SCOUTS OF CANADA published by the National Council sets out policy, organization and rules of BOY SCOUTS OF CANADA.


4.       BOY SCOUTS OF CANADA, 87TH Regina Group obtained its authority to operate from the South Saskatchewan Regional Council and the England District Council through Charter SSR.




1.       The name of the Group shall be:






1.       The purpose of the Group shall be as follows:

a)       To provide all eligible youth the opportunity to participate in Scouting’s programs,

b)       Maintaining close relations and working co-operatively with other Scout Groups, Regina Northwest Service Area Council and local organizations,

c)       To determine needs and develop innovations to meet the challenge of the future.




1.       The jurisdiction of the Group is determined by the Boy Scouts of Canada and may be altered from time to time to meet the needs of Scouting.




1.       Membership in the “BOY SCOUTS OF CANADA, 87TH REGINA GROUP” is open to any person willing to subscribe to the principles found in the National By-Laws, Policies and Procedures and who meets the stated membership requirements.


2.       Membership of the 87th Regina Group includes:

a)       Officers of the Group

b)       All Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Scouters-in-Training and Activity Leaders

c)       Members of operating committees

d)       Parents/Guardians of youth members

e)       All registered youth





1.       The Annual General Meeting of the Group shall be held in May or June of each year at a time and place to be fixed by the Group Committee for the following purpose:

a)       Consideration of reports of Officers and Committees

b)       Consideration of unaudited financial statements

c)       Election of Officers to the Group Committee

d)       The appointment of Section Leaders and Assistants


2.       Notice of the Annual General Meeting and of any Special called meeting shall be in writing and given to each member at least thirty days prior to the date of the meeting and, in the case of a special meeting, the notice shall state the purpose of the meeting.


3.       A special meeting of the Group may be called by the Chairperson or person authorized by him/her to do so, as and when he/she considers it necessary, but he/she shall call a Special Meeting when requested to do so in writing by 25% of current leadership team.


4.       Twenty-five percent of current leadership team shall constitute a quorum at a special Meeting of the Group.


5.       Each member of the Group shall be entitled to one vote at meetings except for the acting Chairperson who may only vote in order to break a tie.  Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.





1.       The officers shall be Past Chairperson, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Co-ordinator(s), Fundraising Co-ordinator(s) and Quartermaster Co-ordinator(s).  With the exception of the immediate Past Chairperson, each officer shall be elected annually by the members of the Group.


2.       Each officer shall be deemed to be in office until a successor is elected at the next Annual General Meeting.


3.       In the event of a vacancy among the elected officers, the Group Committee shall have the power to either appoint a successor for the duration of the original term of office or to call for a by-election for that position.  In the event of vacancies among the elected officers after the above-mentioned steps have been exhausted, the Group Committee shall have the power to choose to function without filling all elected positions, but should have at least three members with one of the filled positions being the Treasurer.  Without a full Group Committee certain key duties will be covered by available members of the Group Committee.  These duties would include:  chairing the monthly meetings, recording minutes of the monthly meetings, coordinating fundraising activities, ensuring the annual registration process is completed including on-line registration in order to comply with requirements of Scouts Canada national office and such other duties as may be required for the proper operation of the 87th Regina Group.


4.       The Past Chairperson may serve as advisor to the Chairperson and perform such duties as the Chairperson may assign and may serve as chairperson of the nominating committee.





1.       The Group Committee shall consist of the above members Article VII (Paragraph 1), and at least one leader from each Section whose terms of reference are:

a)       Administer the affairs of the Group and discharge all the functions between meetings of the Group and be accountable to and subject to any directives of the District Council

b)       The 87th Regina Group shall keep current standing policies

c)       Meet at least eight times yearly and at the call of the Chairperson

d)       Three members of the Group Committee plus the Chairperson or acting Chairperson shall constitute a quorum at each meeting of the Group Committee





1.       Each Program Section will be operated in accordance with the Aims and Objectives and Guidelines as outlined in By-Laws, Policies and Procedures and the Section Handbooks.


2.       Each Program Section Leader is a member of Group Committee; however, this function can be shared with Assistant Leaders.





1.       The funds of the Group shall be deposited in a chartered bank, credit union or trust company and any surplus funds may be invested in the form of Dominion of Canada Savings Bonds, Chartered Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union Savings Certificates, as designated by the Group Committee.


2.       The Group Committee shall operate at least three bank accounts.  The accounts shall be named:

a)       General Operating – For program, camp, training, and any other general funding required yearly by the Group.

b)       Special Camps – For long term regional, provincial, national or international camps approved by Group Committee as well as any other long term camp approved by Group Committee.

c)       Fundraising Account – For deposit of funds as per policies.


3.       As per policies, funds raised by the group shall be deposited into the accounts named in paragraph 2.


4.       Funds from the above accounts (paragraph 2) shall only be used for the operation of the 87th Regina Group as per the Standing Policies and By-Laws.  For the purpose of Special Camp and Jamborees the following shall apply:

a)       To be eligible for funding for a Special Camp or Jamboree members for any section must give Notice of Intent of attending that function at least:

                                             i.       Three months in advance of a Special Camp

                                            ii.       Ten months in advance of a Jamboree

b)       Any leaders or parent helpers attending a Special Camp or Jamboree will have their total expenses funded by the 87th Regina Group as deemed by the ratio of adults per youth:

                                             i.       By the 87th Regina Group and Boy Scouts of Canada as set out in the
By-Laws, Policies and Procedures

                                            ii.       For that specific event

c)       Any Leaders or parent helpers attending a Special Camp or Jamboree above the numbers set out in (b) shall receive funds as per (d)

d)       Provided that funds are available extra adults or youth from any Section may be funded up to a maximum of 50% of the Special Camp or Jamboree total cost.

e)       The Group Committee on behalf of and in assistance with the parents will help raise the remaining 50% of the money, not funded by the 87th Regina Group, to help pay the total cost of the Special Camp or Jamboree expense.


5.       All equipment, buildings, vehicles owned or operated by the 87th Regina Group shall remain the property of the 87th Regina Group.  A list of all such items will be kept with the dollar values attached and an insurance policy carried for the list.  No items shall be dispersed without the approval of the 87th Regina Group Committee.


6.       All cheques drawn on the Group Committee/Section accounts must be signed by a minimum of two persons who shall be designated by the Group Committee.  The Group Committee Treasurer shall also have signing authority on all group/section accounts.  The Group Committee Treasurer shall receive all monthly bank statements for review, then will distribute to all sections.


7.       The fiscal year of the council shall begin September 1st and end August 31st of the following year.


8.       An Audit Committee shall examine all books, vouchers, accounts and documents having reference to the financial affairs of the Group and shall submit a statement of the income and expenditures and the assets and liabilities of the Group to each Annual Meeting and shall also make such reports and suggestions and recommendations to the Group as they deem advisable.





1.       These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at the Annual General Meeting of the Group of which not less than thirty days notice specifying the intention of proposed by-law changes has been given.





1.       Any By-Law of the Group or amendment or repeal thereof shall require the approval of the Regina Northwest Area Council before coming into effect.




The above By-Laws were passed by the 87th Regina Group on this 13th day of June, 2004.







________________________________________           _______________________________________

Kathleen Wandler, Secretary/Registrar                                Gizela Samuelson, Treasurer



________________________________________           _______________________________________

Jim Wilcox, Quartermaster                                                       Roxanne Lachambre, Fundraising Coordinator



________________________________________           _______________________________________

Duane Samuelson, Cub Section Leader                           Amanda Link, Beaver Section Leader



________________________________________           _______________________________________

Ray Wandler, Scout Section Leader                                       Steve Busch, Venturer Section Leader






The above By-Laws were approved by the Regina Northwest Area Council on this


________ day of ___________________, 2004