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 Upcoming EventsFundraising Policy has changed. Participation in fundraising events is encouraged but DEPOSITS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED. If you don't participate you pay full cost of camps & activities until next fundraising event.

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bulletFundraising refunds (for those who qualify) should be available soon. Please contact any member of Group Committee if you don't receive yours by July 31st.

If you require a babysitter in order to work your fundraiser shift please contact one of the fundraiser coordinators to apply for $15 to offset some of the costs. We have some scouts and venturers who have their babysitting certification and may be available to you.

Changes to the existing Fundraising Policy:
bulletFundraising deposits are no longer required.
bulletAll families participating in a fundraiser event will be eligible to have 1/2 of the cost of activities & camps subsidized until the next fundraising event.

Fundraising Coordinator:      Roxanne



This site was last updated October 01, 2005