Links to the World Wide Web

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Here is a list of our favorite sites from the World Wide Web. If you have a link that you feel we might want to add, go to the Home page and submit details to the webmaster.

bulletScouts Canada National Website
bulletThis site has lots of information on national programs, camps and resources for both youth and leaders
bulletScouts Saskatchewan Provincial Website
bulletThis site contains the archived publications of ScoutLook as well as information on provincial camps, programs and contacts to the provincial executive.
bulletThis site has a complete list of forms under the Resources menu.
bulletOther Scouting Groups in our area
bullet Regina 86th Scouts, Regina 86th Cub Pack
bullet CJ'07
bulletHistory and views (for and against) of Bill S-27 and how it will change the name of and may affect the future democratic process in Scouts Canada.




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