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The sport of Broomball is uniquely suited to Saskatchewan.  In fact, the first ever known game for this sport was played in Saskatchewan as early as 1909.  In the last twenty years, broomball has progressed from a recreational sport to a sport played at all levels across the world, from Australia to Japan to Europe.

The Saskatchewan Broomball Association exists to promote this great game within the province.  Our volunteer board works hard to offer a wide variety of programs in competitive and recreational versions of the game for all age levels.  We hope that your school will take an interest in Broomball.  Our loaner kit program has been expanded to include shoes sizes 1 - 12 which will now allow even younger players to try out the game.

We currently offer many other types of assistance that are not noted in detail in this issue:
- INSURANCE - Liability & Accident
- CLINICS - Participants, Officials, Coaches, Safety

As well, we operate Provincial Championships in the following categories for Men & Ladies:
- CONTACT - Adult, Junior (18 & under)
- NON CONTACT - Adult, Mixed, Masters, Midget (15 & under) & Bantam (13 & under)

Broomball is a challenging, skilled game which all young athletes enjoy once exposed to it.  The unique concept of running, under control, on ice is something which must be experienced to appreciate.  As well, the stick skills of the game are very challenging and fun to master.  Many skills are transferable from other sports but these two skills are unlike any others in "main stream" school sports.  We want to assure you that Broomball is a very safe sport which an athlete can continue to play well into his or her adult life.  We think that you would find the addition of Broomball to your school's sport offerings a great success.

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In a letter dated July 9, 1996 Minister of Education, Pat Atkinson, discusses the issue of sport safety in schools.  The policy of the Board of Education is that schools must now follow the safety guidelines established by Provincial Sport Governing Bodies.  She also reiterates the long standing policy of our association when she states that helmets are mandatory for the sport of Broomball.

The acceptable standard for helmets is a CSA approved hockey helmet.  The helmet that is advertised as a "Broomball" helmet in some equipment catalogues is not CSA approved and is not recommended by the SBA or by the Canadian Broomball Federation.

The SBA is available to assist all schools with the development of their Broomball programs.

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We would like to encourage interschool play of non-contact broomball not only as a recreational activity, but also as another activity that could be part of the school's intramural program.

If you can organize 2 or 3 schools/groups in an area to work together in a Broomball development program the SBA will make it a priority to provide loaner equipment, instruction and officiating assistance to you.  Groups may also be eligible for MAP grant funds.

The intent of this program is for 3-5 schools in an area to receive 2 loaner kits for a one month period.  These schools would then use this equipment during their Physical Education  classes.  The SBA would make its instructors available to put on clinics on a number of occasions during that period.  The program would culminate with a non-contact tournament or exhibition games being played between the groups involved.  These games would be a very good way for the students to show off their skills in competition.

If your group is interested we request that you organize and get a commitment from the groups in your area and then send your loaner kit request in to our office, ASAP.  All requests of this type should come in prior to Nov. 8th.  Failing this loaner kits may not be available.

Again to be eligible for this loaner kit equipment, your school must become an Associate member of the SBA.  This Associate membership costs $30.00 per year.

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Instructors are available to assist groups with the implementation of their Broomball programs.  Member groups can request a clinic from the SBA.  The only cost to the host group is the mileage of the instructor putting on the clinic for your group ($.25/km.).  All other instructor costs are taken care of by the SBA.

Our expectations when we come to a school is that we will be able to conduct a clinic for a number of classes during the day.  We will try to coordinate clinics to coincide with the beginning of the loaner kit period.  We require that your school has ice times booked for the time that you require the instructor.  Other groups wishing to host clinics are also welcome to contact our office.

A clinic is  a great way to start your young athletes out on the right foot.  Basic fundamentals, drills and safety precautions are the focus of our clinics.  Clinics can be geared to the experience and age of the participants.  We are available to conduct clinics for groups from kindergarten to adult.

All participants must wear their helmets.

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Previous seasons have been very successful for the SBA and Aboriginal groups in Broomball development.  Responding to the ever increasing demand from Aboriginal groups for the sport of Broomball, the SBA has focussed on this area for a number of years.

Once again this season we will be hosting the Aboriginal Provincial Broomball Championships.  The previous Championships have seen many teams entering with hundreds of athletes participating.

Groups that want assistance developing local programs are asked to contact the SBA office for more information.  We would love to help you develop your local team, officials, league or tournament.

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