M a s t e r   C l i n t   N o r m a n   8th Dan
Vice President - International Taekwon-Do Federation
President - Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation
S.T.F.I. Technical Director and
Head Instructor of
Regina West Zone Taekwon-Do

Regina's Clint Norman reached unprecedented heights in Taekwon-Do.  During his individual competitive career, he gathered countless medals around the world.  Norman won his first North American title in sparring competition at Winnipeg in 1984 and later gained the same title and took an additional gold in patterns during the 1991 North American Championship in Ottawa.  Norman also performed well during European competition.  As team captain at the 1986 European Championship in Yugoslavia, he contributed a silver medal in patterns and a bronze in sparring to what became a first overall finish for the Canadian National Team.  Norman also brought home medals from South and Pan American competitions.  During the 1987 Copa International Taekwon-Do meet in Puerto Rico, he took a gold in sparring and the next year gained a gold in patterns and a silver in sparring at the Pan American Championship held in Argentina.  In 1989 at the Pan American Games in the Honduras, he took a silver in patterns and a bronze in sparring.  Then in Asia, during the 1989 Korean World Festival of Youth, Norman placed third in sparring.  Norman offered effective leadership to Canada's National ITF Taekwon-Do Team.  Between 1986 and 1990, he served as captain and led the team to unprecedented second place finishes at three world championships.  For over a decade, he competed in national-level competition and gained Canadian titles in patterns, sparring and power breaking competitions.  In Western Canada, he was declared an individual champion four times between 1978 and 1984.  

M r .   D a v i d   G a b o u r y
I.T.F. 5th Degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor
Regina West Zone Taekwon-Do

Dave Gaboury first became involved in Taekwon-Do in 1988 and currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt.  During his extensive career he competed provincially, nationally and internationally.  He was appointed Assistant Instructor at Regina West Zone Taekwon-do in 1992.  In addition to his instructing duties, Mr. Gaboury assists black stripe athletes in preparation for their Black Belt testing.   Mr. Gaboury’s qualifications extend far beyond the Taekwon-Do arena.  In addition to having attended Technical Seminars conducted by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, Mr. Gaboury holds a Level 2 Coaching certificate and a Class B Referee certificate.  He is also certified in CPR, First Aid and Sports First Aid.

M s .    B r i t t a n y    G o o d t r a c k
I.T.F. 3rd Degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor
Regina West Zone Taekwon-Do

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