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The Al Ritchie Community Association (ARCA) has been actively advocating on behalf of the community and helping to serve its social and community needs since 1987.

Priorities, goals and activities are determined through interaction with the community at meetings, established programs, events and direct contact with our staff and board. The association operates with the philosophy that residents know what kind of programming they need and want.

To keep ARCA programs and activities as relevant and community-based as possible we need YOUR input.

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Al Ritchie Health Action Centre

Partner Programs - See what they offer

See what is going on over at the Health Action Centre.

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Prince of Wales Library

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The Al Ritchie Community Centre faces South and is located in between the Rink and Library. With recent renovations inside the building we have been able to open up our space for more activities.
The Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre is on the North West side of the building. This is the facility that the public can rent. They have a large Gym and many meeting rooms available. Contact the City at 777-7080 for bookings.
The Al Ritchie Indoor Rink is probably what the area and building are known for but did you know that ARCA does not run this facility. The City of Regina looks after all bookings for the Rink, contact Central Bookings at 777-7529
The Prince of Wales Library is Regina's newest library and we have it in our neighbourhood. Check out their monthly activity calendar under our program information
Al Ritchie Outdoor Rink and Heated Shack are located along Edgar Street.
The outdoor Tennis Courts will be resurfaced in 2017. Located along 15th Avenue and Lindsay Street in the SouthEast Corner of the property
Gocki Park has a splash pad (that will be upgraded in 2017), wheelchair accessible playground and a huge open field for playing sports
This is the North side of the Al Ritchie Indoor Rink and also the most visable from 14th Avenue. This is also where our Community Sign is located.


As a community association we rely on the people in the community.

We need your help to thrive

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