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Please note that the Al Ritchie Wellness Centre is now located at 2250 Lindsay Street.

Welcome to the Al Ritchie Community Associaton

The Al Ritchie Community Association (ARCA) is located at 2250 Lindsay Street in the heart of the Al Ritchie. Please take a look through our webpage to learn more about the the various programs, agcenies and projects that you can find in the Al Ritchie.

Our Mission

The Al Ritchie Community Association brings community together to address the effects of social, economic and justice issues relevant to the community.

Our Vision - A Strong Community


The Al Ritchie Community Association (ARCA) has been actively advocating on behalf of the community and helping to serve its social and community needs since 1987. Its activities and priorities are determined at the Annual General Meeting held once per year. Priorities, goals and activities are determined through interaction with the community at meetings, established programs, events and door-to-door via Outreach efforts.

The association operates with the philosophy that residents know what kind of programming they need and want. For this reason, resident feedback and input is required at all stages of programming and strategic planning.

Our volunteer Board of Directors provides an invaluable source of community input at all stages of planning and implementation. The input of other service providers and agencies is also of critical importance. However, to keep ARCA programs and activities as relevant and community-based as possible our part-time Outreach Worker meets with residents, sharing information and gathering community input and recommendations on an ongoing basis. Outreach is integral to addressing the community's needs and promoting our community's strengths.

Membership and Board of Directors

All residents of the Al Ritchie area are members of the Community Association. Eleven of these residents are elected annually to the Al Ritchie Community Association Board of Directors. The board members bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge of the community. Their wide range of occupations include a strategic planner, a professional chef, a homemaker, a nursing student, an environmentalist and many more. If you are interested in joining our board please call the office at 522-3930 or email us at: 

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