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Cheryl Taylor

Cheryl is a lifelong resident of Regina, Saskatchewan. Her appreciation, and practice, of art began at a very early age and was nurtured throughout her elementary and high school years by a handful of teachers. Cheryl’s art education is a compendium of experimentation, university classes, and a myriad of workshops with local and nationally renowned artists. While she began painting in oil, she has also painted in acrylic, pastel, egg tempura, gouache and water colour. She is currently working mainly in oil and acrylic.

Photography plays a huge role in her work.  Her paintings are primarily realistic.  Her goal is to present ordinarily mundane subjects in a manner that reflects their hidden beauty and evokes a newfound appreciation of the subject in the eyes of the viewer.  

Cheryl is presently a member of the Aurora Artists’ Guild, Brushworks Art Guild of Regina, Inc., the Regina Art Collective and the Art Gallery of Regina.