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Dawna DeCorby

Born and raised in Regina, Dawna is a recent addition to the fine art community. She started with a love of the human form which intrigued her since high school and then progressed onto drawing classes at the University of Regina in 1988. She claims that art is a form of expression as well as a personal passion and she will confess that there is more than a little bit of her in all of her works. Finding that perfect new home for her works plays heavily into her passion and creativity, and she would describe her works as an emotional experience or a catharsis.

Dawna returned to drawing with open sessions with a model at the Neil Balkwill Centre in 1999 and is now searching to find her voice by exploring color with the use of acrylics. If she creates a piece that fascinates you, she would be humbly flattered as “Art is a growth experience” and today is just the beginning!