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Judith Sunde

Judith is a Canadian, who was born and resides in Regina, Saskatchewan.  She is married and enjoys spending time with her family.  Judith has always had an interest in art.  Living on the prairies with its endless expressive changing sky, far reaching horizons and the multitude of colours as seen in the golden fields of wheat, the purple flax flowers, and the yellow canola plants are some of the colours of Saskatchewan. Those colours are just crying out to be painted and her numerous visits to the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island supply abundant scenery for her paintings.

She began painting landscapes using watercolours; and then expanded into producing landscapes and abstracts in acrylics; her coloured pencil and pastel paintings include flowers, landscapes, animal and bird images. Judith has taken painting classes and attended workshops given by many accomplished Canadian artists and online classes from Master painter Johannes Vloothuis. Judith’s journey into working with pastels began with the introduction of the then new medium pan pastels. Pan pastels produce a soft yet vibrant colours that blend and mix beautifully. Straight edges are difficult to achieve with pan pastels so pastel pencils and soft pastels were added to her collection.

Once hooked on soft pastels, Judith watched multiple videos by the great pastel artists Maggie Price, Susan Woolgar, Urania Christy, and Liz Hayward Sullivan. She experimented with different substrates and is most impressed with sanded paper and in particular Uart mounted papers enabling the use alcohol and numerous layers. Judith continues to explore and expand her art journey.