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Terri Murphy

“My work always begins with a curiosity and an exploration of my environment. Each work is a study and a personal challenge to capture something that fascinates or ignites nostalgia in me. Living in the flat south is teaching me to see with new eyes the incredible mystique of the prairie life and landscape.”

Terri was born and raised a Saskatchewan northerner. She studied Fine Art at Grant McEwan in Edmonton AB and graduated in 1983. While having studied a variety of mediums and methods Terri prefers to the versatility of Acrylic paints. Though painting was virtually set aside to serve as a pastor since 1993, Terri has always knit art into her work through: set design, conceptual décor, mosaics, murals, sculpture, drama and music.  Terri began to paint again in 2016.

A move to Saskatchewan’s capital awakened a desire to explore and affirm the Saskatchewan identity through art.  Travelling extensively to Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Philippines, India, Thailand and Mexico has deepened her sense of Canadian identity and pulls her even more strongly to Canadian Landscape and subject matter.