Script you can use to make a 6 Minute Relaxation Tape.

by Dr. Mavis Matheson.

Focused relaxation is an effective exercise for achieving a physically relaxed and mentally alert


By focusing your mind on the instructions, you will be able to experience comfortable feelings of heaviness, warmth, and deep relaxation in every part of your body.

With each time you practice, it will become easier and easier to relax whenever you choose.

Begin by laying on your back or sitting comfortably in a chair.

Become aware of sounds inside the room and outside and allow yourself to be separate from them.

Allow your thoughts to come and go.

Give yourself permission to enjoy this time for you relaxation.

As you focus on the instructions, your mind becomes more and more calm as your body becomes

deeply relaxed.

(1 minute)

Let go of all physical, emotional and mental tension.

Inhale now and bring the air slowly down into your abdomen. Let your abdomen expand, and then your chest........ Exhale slowly, through your nose.

Once again, inhaling and filling your abdomen more and more, then let your chest expand as you continue inhaling.

Now pause... and exhale, releasing tension from your body.

And continue breathing in this way, consciously allowing the breathing to become slower and deeper. (2 minutes)

As I count from 5 to 1, allow yourself to move into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation. Picture each number as clearly as you can. By the time I reach 1, your body will be even more relaxed and your mind even calmer. 5........... 4............ 3............. 2............. and 1..........

(3 minutes)

Become aware of how every part of your body feels and know that you can return to this state whenever you chose. Now enjoy this time for your relaxation as you silently repeat your affirmations.

(Possible Silent Affirmations)

I relax at will

I breath fatigue away

I sleep easily and soundly

My food gives me energy

I choose actions that express me

I enjoy life fully.

(5 minutes)

Now, as I start to count from 1 to 5, you begin to come back to an awake and alert state. You find yourself rising like a bubble to the surface of a pond. For the rest of today, you will continue to be very alert and very focused. You will notice your body's stress reactions and let them go.

Counting up now ........... 1 ........... 2 ........... 3 ... more and more awake ......... 4 ........... and 5 (6 minutes)

Mavis Matheson

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