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Mavis Matheson, MD, had polio in 1952. Her left leg was severely wasted and she had neck and shoulder weakness. She “recovered completely” and lead a full and busy life until she developed Post-polio weakness and fatigue 40 years later. She practiced medicine until 1993.
Today, she uses a power chair outside her home and VPAP ST at night. She rests and spends time with her partner, Adam, her sons Pat (26) and James (23). She designed and maintains the Polio Regina web site.

If you had Polio, I recommend you buy and read The Polio Paradox by Richard Bruno

"The way we see ourselves may interfere with our ability to change. One approach to the whole issue of activity is to be kind, positive, and gentle to ourselves." - Mavis J Matheson, MD

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"Better than a thousand pointless words is one saying to the point on hearing which one finds peace. " -100 from The Dhammapada (Buddha's teachings)

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