Buddhist teachings contain many useful tools for dealing with life. One of the core teachings on ending suffering is the Eightfold path. I have adapted the teachings for polio survivors. - Mavis J Matheson

Eightfold Path for Polio Health
The Way to the End of Suffering

Clear Understanding – A wise man sees things as they really are. He recognizes his pain and weakness. He works to understand his disease. He recognizes what is injured and how the injury occurred. He understands what will make him feel better and what will damage his muscles.

Wise intention – A skillful woman makes a commitment to do those things that will ensure her good health. She renounces overuse; she intends to do what is right for her body; she intends to do no harm.

Wise speech – A skillful man speaks the truth. If he is too tired to help, he says so. He makes his needs known clearly in a warm, friendly manner without using harsh language. He speaks when necessary.

Wise action – A wise woman realizes that unsound actions lead to pain and damage. Once she understands how much she can do without damaging her polio nerves and muscles, she stops at that point.

Right livelihood – A skillful man does a job that nourishes him mentally and physically. He does not continue do work that causes damage.

Wise energy – A wise woman uses her energy where it will do the most good. She avoids overdoing; she abandons overdoing once it has arisen; she plans wise activity; she continues to find appropriate activity.

Clear mindfulness – An aware man feels his body and monitors how it responds throughout the day and night. He recognizes his feelings and how he responds to them. As he engages in different activities, he is aware of their impact on him.

Right concentration – An aware woman focuses her attention in each moment on healthy thoughts and actions. She develops her concentration through meditation.

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