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Yvonne Schalk

Regina Artist Yvonne Schalk graduated from the Minneapolis School of Commercial Art with the Presidents Prize in 1980.  She has won numerous ribbons at juried art exhibitions and was a chosen favourite of the Credit Union and SGI calendars.  Bazart gave her a growing fan base, and her art evolved from watercolour to abstract acrylic and multimedia inspirations.  

Recently, Yvonne found that spray painting captured the surreal atmosphere she was looking for.  Spray painting has its toxic dangers though, so suiting up and dawning a full respirator mask is a precaution Yvonne is prepared to take to produce her art.  She believes that a painting has to convey a feeling, an atmosphere, or a vision that cannot be captured with a camera.  

Yvonne joined the Brushworks Art Guild in 2016, and laughingly says that she continues to work as a Registered Nurse to support her painting habit.  

Yvonne can be reached at :