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Mastering Composition with Ian Roberts -

“What Happens When You Don’t Plan Before Painting”  

This website contains a database for all artist’s pigments. An Artists Paint and Pigment Reference with Color Index Names, Colour Index Numbers and Chemical Composition.

Why use the index:  “Although paint manufacturers have become more forthright, you cannot depend on paint manufacturers to name paints accurately. With the colour index name you cut through the marketing clutter and actually see what you're getting for your money. Always refer to the colour index name to be sure of what you are buying, and only choose paints that show the pigment common name and colour index name on the tube: "Dioxazine Violet, PV23," "Cadmium Red, PR108," and so on.” Pigments are important and the colour index number is your best guide. There is a huge difference between a colour and a “hue”.  If the cadmium red label is not numbered PR108 or has other index numbers or in addition to PR108, you are getting a less reliable or poor quality paint.

Free e-Books, Magazines, and Other Reference Works on Painting, Drawing, Pigments, Artist Techniques and Art History. The website includes numerous links to important information for artists including free PDF’s of safety guidelines as noted below:

- Environmental Health & Safety in the Arts: A Guide for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Artisans

- The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI)

-  The Health and the Arts Program - Great Lakes Centres at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health (UIC SPH)

- The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works has a collection of articles on art safety

- The Consumer Product Safety Commission's Art and Craft Safety Guide and Art Materials Business Guidance

A free archive of books, video, images, audio and other materials of interest to artists and others.

Professor David Brody, Professor of Painting and Drawing.  34 Lectures in a university level course in painting. This is a very detailed and worthwhile course for any level of artist. Professor Brody provides great depth in the field of oil painting from canvas (supports) to the ingredients in paint and how to make your own stretchers. Very worthwhile.  Available from The Great Courses, an online lecture program.

Professor David Brody, Professor of Painting and Drawing. 36 lectures in drawing from a great teacher. This program covers the field and is a lengthy course to take if you follow the lesson plan. One of the best university level courses.  Available from The Great Courses, an online lecture program.

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