Bandera Chilena

Chilean-Canadian Cultural Association

Welcome to Regina's Chilean Non-Profit Community. Our goal is simple , to educate and demonstrate to others the beauty, strength and history of our Culture.

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Saturday, September 18- Independance Day in Chile - Celebration planned.
Sabado 18 de Septiembre - Celebracion De Fiestas Patrias - Con el Groupo Folclorico de Regina.
Comida Y Presentacion de 7-9pm, Y baile de 9-12am.
Comida - Pollo Asado, Elsalada a la Chilena, Postre
Tickets - $12 for everything (Dance and Supper- baile y comida)- $6 for Dance (Baile)

Christmas Party - Celebration planned.

Thanks for your support.