Bandera Chilena

Chilean-Canadian Cultural Association

Welcome to Regina's Chilean Non-Profit Community. Our goal is simple , to educate and demonstrate to others the beauty, strength and history of our Culture.

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The CCCSI is working very hard at these ongoing projects:

1. Folklore presentations and dances. As these become prepared they will be up on the Current Events list.

2. Radio show on CJTR 91.3FM. Sundays from 9-10pm. Hosted by Max Ceron and Roberto Santander, we need volunteers for the show with music and topics of discussion.

3. Accesscommunications TV show. This is on hold until we have everything else in good running order.

4. Bringing in the whole community together to work on these projects. We need less people with problems, more with solutions.

5. The WebPage - I need ideas and topics for content. Thanks.

Thanks for your support.