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***PARC AGM Meeting ***

July 20th, 2019

11:00 AM



Saskatchewan Hamfest - 2019

(July 26 & 27, 2019) Battleford, Saskatchewan

How to get to Hamfest 

Battlefords Area Repeater Information 


Flea Market – Fleas Wanted!


Things to do for Non-Ham family members

Battlefords Amateur Radio Association

Admission: $10.00
Flea Market tables & Tailgaters: Free

(space available on first come first served)

$10.00 admission gives you a chance to win many great door prizes.


Cheap at $10.00.

  BUT we’ll still give you a Special  Deal..

If you pre-register, you will get an additional 2 draw tickets!
You will have 3 chances at winning prizes. (instead of just 1) 

Pre-Registration by Mail or on Friday night - July 26.

Download and print the following form:
(if your software supports it you can fill in this form before printing)

Click here>>> Registration Form <<<

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***Prince Albert Museum - Wanted Vintage Radio Equipment ***

     The Prince Albert Museum is asking for Donated Vintage Radio Equipment, display easels, and shelving.  They are wanting to setup a 24X12 Ham shack on the grounds Southwest of the City.  They plan to feature a 1950's & 1980's Station, filled with non-operational components.  Percy Halliwell (VE5HH) and other amateur radio operators in the area already collected about 50 pieces of equipment for display, but looking for more tube equipment to finish the station.  They have obtained a few pieces from the United States, but the postage and freight is expensive, the budget can't handle any more expenses.  Examples of the type of equipment we are looking for are: Johnson, Viking, Navigator, or Ranger Transceivers.

  • Heathkit Apache TX or Mohawk RX Heathkit DX-20; DX-100
  • National NC-300; NC-303RX
  • National NCX3 Transceiver
  • Drake R4 Receiver etc, etc....

     Donations from Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba are solicited and arrangements would be made for pickup or delivery. You may contact:

Percy Halliwell (VE5HH)
1525 Helme Crescent
Prince Albert, SK.
S6V 6G6
Ph. (306) 922-8281
Ph. (306) 961-1471

     Help Preserve Our History

Submitted by: Peter Legebokoff (VE5PFL)


Interested in digital modes? Check here for a series thanks to the SATERN system.  Chapters are being added regularly.

CFARS, whazat??  the answer is here!


We Are!  

The Parkland Amateur Radio Club (P.A.R.C.), consists of very active and ambitious amateur radio operators, who commonly share a common interest in many aspects of amateur Radio, located in the Parklands, covering East Central Saskatchewan.

Local amateurs in Canora, Saskatchewan in the beginning consisted of only 3, back in 2000, and eventually those same three formed the club, known as the 'Canora Amateur Radio Club', in February 2002. We started with a local repeater, and soon had IRLP or V.O.I.P. Communication installed and linked, which expanded our range of communication to all around the world.

Once more operators knew of our local accomplishments they soon joined our club.  In January 2004, we started with the addition of EchoLink to our existing IRLP Node, which also improved our coverage to include communication via computer keyboard.  Our goals as a club seem to be changing faster than ever and over the next couple of years more amateur's joined the club, and in April 2006, we changed our club name to: The Parkland Amateur Radio Club Inc., (P.A.R.C.).

The Parkland Amateur Radio Club boasts a great repeater network system, which provides several different modes of communication, to a expanded coverage area. We are continuously updating our equipment and repeater network, more information can be viewed on the following link:

The Parkland amateur Radio Club hosts a great system, integrating both VHF / UHF and V.O.I.P. communication systems, that can be linked to other systems around the world.  Our club achieved this through many volunteer hours from all our members, donations from fellow ham operators from far and wide and through the people and organizations around our local coverage area.  We are continuing to grow, by new members coming on board, and we are constantly upgrading and adding to our already proven reliable system.

If You Think You would like to become an Amateur Radio Operator, and Enjoy this great hobby, then click on the following link to download the Study Guide:

Contact one of the members for Any Questions You May Have.

PARC Brochure
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Media Article When PARC Sponsored Saskatchewan Hamfest 2017 In Yorkton, SK.


Yorkton Repeater Setup
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Relocated on Wednesday Nov. 15th, 2006

Sinclair SRL210C4HD 4 Bay 1/2~
    Larry Davis (VE5 LBD)
    Peter Legebokoff (VE5 PFL)

Not Shown In Pic.

Frank Yaholnitsky

Randy Molyneaux (VE5RJM)

Charles Molyneux

Blair Cmoc


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